• Jane Lu

FoodHunt Amazing Race 2021

The yearly FoodHunt event organised by our SIM-UOL’s FoodHunt committee has finally concluded on the 23rd of January. This year’s event titled ‘Kampung Spireat’ is surely special as compared to the previous years in light of the Covid situation. Participants now play the games online in order to gain points for their team. However, there is still plenty of tasty food involved in this year’s event. Can’t wait to discover more enticing foods, our participants too!

The teams of 5 participants embarked on their journey at various starting points around Singapore. Upon arriving at the food stations, they have to locate the landmarks of the particular site and play the game. The games are held entirely on ‘Telegram’ where participants will receive their missions to clear. They will then head over to the food stall to devour the yummy food before heading off to the next station.

These are the reviews of the 10 food stalls that kindly sponsored us.

Stalls Locations:


ISLE Eating House

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Rice

Plated beautifully is the mustard-coloured salted egg yolk poured on the fried, crispy chicken with a sunshine egg on top. The salted egg yolk gives a unique flavour to the chicken rice with the right consistency and rich flavour as a gravy. The chicken is tender and the cucumber is fresh.

Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice

Curry Rice

The Beach Road scissor cut curry rice is a nice contrast to the crispy chicken and soft cabbage. In addition to it is the perfectly blended braised sauce and curry sauce. It is indeed why it was awarded by NOC as the ‘food king good’ food stall and recognised by Class 95 and the Gastro guide as the ‘foodie’s choice’.

(229 Jalan Besar)

Old Nyonya


Filled with an aromatic local curry and rich coconut taste is the flavour of Southeast Asia, Old Nonya’s signature laksa. The springy noodles and fresh prawns complement the specially made chilli. A bite into the fried bean curd and you can tell that it fully absorbed the flavourful essence of the gravy.

(Maxwell Food Centre, #01-04)


Botak Delicacy

Century egg with lean meat porridge

The porridge was cooked with the perfect rice-to-stock ratio, which made it rich and creamy! The meat was well marinated and tender and the garnishes created a different texture as it was crunchy and flavourful. To conclude, this mixture packs a punch to the flavour of the porridge as it complements well with one another.

(Tampines Hub Food Court)

Koung’s Wan Tan Mee

Dry Wan Tan Mee

The handmade wantons were wrapped thinly and were juicy and sweet. The Char Siew was roasted under a charcoal fire for about 5 to 6 hours, which made it tender and toasty. The egg noodles were springy and silky. All of the ingredients blended tastefully together with the savoury sauce were sweet, spicy and savoury.

(205 Sims Ave)

The Social Outcast

Royal Mushroom Beef

The Social Outcast serves halal burgers and unlike most hawker burger stores, their meats are prepared on a charcoal-grilled oven before having it torched which gives the beef a charred taste. The meat was thick and juicy and cooked to well done. The smoked shrooms and charred onions added a sweet crunch to the burger and it was neither too sweet nor salty. Every bite of the burger gives a robust flavour of the beef patty, smoked shrooms, charred onions and the flavoured bun. Overall, it was one of the best halal beef hawker burgers that I have tried!

(348 Bedok Rd #02-21/32)


Lao Lao Heng

Fishball Noodles

An excellent combination of the handmade chicken balls and springy noodles are accompanied with the tender minced meat. It is then topped with the flavourful dried onions. It is definitely a great alternative to the ordinary choice of Bar Chor Mee.

(108 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4,#01-04)

Roaster Delight

Soy Sauce Chicken Rice\

The presentation had already left an exceptional impression when it was served. As we delve deeper into the details of the food, it is added into one of my ‘cravings’ list. The generous amount of sauce keeps the rice savoury while the chicken is very delicate and highlights the sauce. Alongside is the complementary warm lotus soup, which contains no MSG, definitely a healthy choice for consumers.

(Yishun Park Hawker Centre,#01-16)

Nasi Kukus Steam Rice Fried Chicken

Signature Fried Chicken

The fragrant curry adds another taste to the juiciest fried chicken, which does not neglect the essence of curry. It has the right level of spiciness for the general public and the fresh vegetables are refreshing enough to counter the spicy flavour. There is also Chilli sauce provided that challenges spicy-lovers. Crunchy, juicy, savoury are words to describe this plate of fried chicken.

(573 Woodlands Dr 16,#01-01)

Goldhill Family Restaurant

Cai Fan/ Mixed Rice

Famous for its fried chicken wings, it's no surprise the restaurant had constant long queues even after lunch hours! The chicken is not overly crispy and is not dry at all. There is a good mix of foods for foodies to choose from. Ultimately, the best food in this stall will definitely still be the chicken.

(6 Hougang Ave 3, #01-78)

After a long day of good food and cardio since morning, the participants ended their day at the respective food stalls they were in. After, the organisers collated their points and announced the top 3 winners.

In a nutshell, the event’s purpose is always to help participants and organisers to make memorable memories and enjoy the taste of Singapore. We would like to thank and give a shout out to the food stalls and brands that sponsored the delicious food and products for our goodie-bags. They played a big role in the event and helped the event to achieve its goal.

Participants thoughts and feedback

Why did you join the event?

I joined to spend quality time with my friends and gain memorable memories. On top of that, I get free food to enjoy.

What is your overall experience with the event?

Overall, I think the organisers did a good job with the planning, using facilities such as POPstations and phone tracking to ensure that the event complied with safe distancing measures. It was a pity that due to the circumstances, the event wasn’t as competitive as I would like.

Are there any areas of improvement?

We weren’t allowed at the POPstation in the mall due to the regulations set. This could have affected us not being able to start on time, so maybe the reporting time can be better arranged.

Another thing that could be improved was the food during the race. Most of them are very heavy and similar. It would have been nice if there were more variety of food like desserts and drinks as well, to cleanse our palettes.

To add on, the prizes can be better and more gender-equal because the majority of it was makeup items which are really of no use/ benefits to the majority of male participants. The prize money could also be better..

Any takeaway from the event?

I think my biggest takeaway from the event was the memories with my teammates and also the many pictures/ videos that we had to take during the event.

What do you like most about this event?

Spending time with friends and tasting food around Singapore.

Foodhunt 2IC

What are some challenges faced during the planning of the event and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge is to achieve what Foodhunt traditionally delivers in this special year. The social distancing measures and pandemic fears definitely affected how we hold our meetings as well as how the actual event should be conducted, to make sure everyone is safe and within the legal requirements.

Teamwork paved the way for us, we were constantly in discussions to test different ideas and provide feedback. Resulting in this hybrid physical & online method for this event, without compromising what Foodhunt promises to deliver year by year.

How would you describe FoodHunt in your own words?

Lighthearted and professional, our meetings were never boring and work was done efficiently. I wouldn't have asked for better teammates.

Were there any challenges faced during the event itself and how was it resolved?

Thanks to the strong coordination efforts from our Programmes IC Mitchell, everything went smoothly as planned. Of course it wouldn't be possible without the efforts of everyone involved and we did pull together and made sure it ran as smooth as possible.