• Natalie Chan

FoodHunt Makan Matters 2021

The yearly FoodHunt event organized by our SIM-UOL’s FoodHunt committee has finally concluded on the 18th of December. This year’s event, titled ‘Makan Matters’, is surely as special as previous years’ events even in light of the Covid situation. Participating teams have to clear as many stations as possible in a race against time in order to win the race!

The groups of 5 participants each embarked on their journeys at various starting points around Singapore. Upon arriving at the game stations, they have to locate the landmarks of their exact location and let the game master know that they are ready to start the game. One of the games was ‘Lost in Translation’, where Google Translate read song lyrics at 1.5x speed and participants had to guess the name of the song and artist. Another game played was ‘Mambo Jumbo’, where they had to find similarities and differences between 2 photos. At the end of the day, the groups were given food vouchers for various food stalls, which they could later use to redeem the food!

Read on to find out which team won the race!

The Seekh kebab from Delhi Lahori was made with lamb meat that was not only juicy, but also the most flavourful dish out of everything we have tried. If you are someone who loves strong, savory flavors, you wouldn’t want to give this a miss!

This White Bee Hoon from 72 Xiao Chu Zhi Jia was probably the best dish out of the 10 stalls we have tried! The wok-hey flavor was prominent, yet not too surfeiting. Toppings were quite generous for its affordable price, including fresh seafood and vegetables. You might want to give it a shot whenever you are in the area! (Thank us later!)

Everyone loves a good ol’ cheese pizza! What’s special about this pizza is that you would have tasted an additional kick of spice! Perfect for sharing with family and friends, you can find this Malcolm X Pizza from The Social Outcast. Price may be on the steeper side, but we can guarantee it would definitely be worthwhile!

Special thanks to the FoodHunt committee for having us this year!

We interviewed some people from the FoodHunt committee to gain an insight as to how they managed to put the whole event together.

Feedback from Jason, EXCO of FoodHunt 2021/2022 Q: How different was this year’s event compared to previous years, in terms of planning and execution? A: In terms of planning, it was fairly similar, except that previous year, the participants were allowed to consume the food during the event. However due to COVID restrictions, we were unable to do so this year, so in terms of advertising and marketing for all the different food sponsors that assisted and sponsored us for this event, we are only able to support them after the event is over through the use of food coupons. In terms of execution, it was also fairly similar as both years’ events were sadly affected by COVID, and we used 3 applications. First is Telegram, second is Zoom, and third is Life360.

Feedback from Suan Khee, OIC of FoodHunt 2021/2022

Q: Are there any messages behind Makan Matters?

A: The main idea was to shine a spotlight on our local cuisines, promote our hawkers, and also to showcase our diverse selection of our food that they offer. Hence, it is not the case whereby we have to go to this specific country to eat this specific food and that Singapore has our own specialized food and it tastes as good as the other countries’ food.

Feedback from Ashley, Progs IC of FoodHunt 2021/2022 Q: Were there any difficulties faced during the planning process? If so, how was it resolved? A: The main problem was the COVID restrictions because there were times when we thought that the group could have 5 people, but then it had to change to 2 people. We overcame that problem by preparing ourselves and thinking of those 2 scenarios being possible and we had to plan accordingly to suit the 2 and 5 pax rule.

Each team put their best foot forward in the race and after a fun-filled day of running around Singapore attempting to complete the game missions, 3 teams managed to emerge victorious. In third place, we have the vibrant Team ‘YongLecannoteatspicy’. Up next in second place, we have the energetic Team ‘Kopidiam’. In first place, we have our final winner, the ambitious Team ‘Kueypeng2.0’!

Congratulations to the winning teams and great effort to all the other teams that participated in Makan Matters 2021! Do keep a lookout for FoodHunt’s event next year and we hope to see you there!