• Kimberly Tay

ICS Esports 2020 (Valorant)

Inter-Collegiate Sports’ is yet again back with another eSports tournament for the second consecutive year! This time round, they kicked it off with the new uprising game that has just been released this June – VALORANT!

For those who are a little foreign to this new game, VALORANT is a 5 versus 5 tac-shooter global competitive game. The aim of each round is to plant or defuse the bomb (also known as the Spike) within the stipulated time frame without getting shot by the opponent. Teams will get 12 rounds each to attack and defend, the first to reach 13 rounds will be the winner.

Despite being in the Covid-19 situation, we were still very lucky to have Richard Grosvenor (otherwise known as @Emperor_zK) to join us live on Twitch from Australia, to commentate for this tournament together with @kurdst_!

The tournament was held over 2 days from 7th till 8th of November, with the 2nd day being held at Bountie Arena! We would like to thank Bountie Arena and Steel Series for sponsoring this event!

A huge shout out to the Top 3 teams!

1st: Snake Culture

2nd: PvZ

3rd: SESG

1st place: Snake Culture

2nd place: PvZ

3rd place: SESG

Feedback from participants:

Q: How do you feel about the event today?

A: It feels great to be in this event. Coming into this, I was a bit apprehensive because I am quite new to the scene and Calvin & I we are both new, but we are backed by our other team members who are ex-professionals in other games and they really provided us with the experience and the leadership to guide us. It just feels good to be here, and to win.

  • Snake Culture

Q: What is your favourite part of the event?

A: Personally my favourite part is meeting the opponents in person and being able to play a good game with them!

  • PvZ

Q: Would you recommend this to your friends?

A: Yeah, I think this event is actually good because the registration fee isn’t very expensive and I think it is a good chance for teams to play against each other even if it is for fun. The competition itself is really a good experience.

  • SESG

Feedback from Ding Xin, 2IC of ICS 2020/2021

Q: How do you think the event went overall?

A: I think the event went smoothly and we were very lucky that there were no technical issues during the tournament. To be honest, at the start of the event, we were worried that the sign- up rates would not be high due to the Covid situation as we did not have any physical booths to promote our event and we had to follow many rules & regulations. However, there were still quite a few teams that signed up for our tournament and we were still able to continue hosting our events. Overall, we managed to host the event well and we hope the participants enjoy the tournament!

Q: Any words to say to your ICS team?

A: I’m very thankful for my ICS team and I am very blessed to be in this committee as every single one put in a lot of effort to plan for this event. During the planning of this event, there were many changes to the event flow & designs of the shirt. However, my committee members managed to reply very promptly and managed to do last minute changes to the required things. Also, I would like to thank the seniors for being so caring towards the juniors and guiding us along the way!