• Marissa Kym

ICS Esports 2021 (Fortius)

In case you missed it, watch below!

After a year-long wait, Inter-Collegiate Sports (ICS) have once again garnered the attention of university students in SIM with their eSports tournament for the third consecutive year - Fortius!

This year’s eSport is none other than Mobile Legends! A little background information for some of you that may not be familiar with it; Mobile Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Two opposing teams fight to destroy the enemy’s base and at the same time defend their own base for control of a path, the three “lanes” which are also known as “top”, “middle”, and “bottom”, which connect the bases.

As we all know, Mobile Legends is loved by many, hence it has been chosen for this year’s eSport tournament! Given the Covid-19 situation, there’s been a slight twist made; turning Fortius into a fully online event, from the 13th to 14th of November. Furthermore, having Mae (@scrubbycheeks) and Fizzy (@fizzycasts) as commentators definitely helped with keeping things on a roll, a very big thank you to both!

As the teams of 5 battled against one another, three teams managed to clinch the Top 3 spots! Congratulations to The Guardians, Yolojojo and Mike Tyson!

We would like to thank Opto-Pharm & Red Bull for sponsoring this event.

Feedback from Zhi Xing, OIC of ICS 2021/2022

Q: What was your biggest takeaway from the planning process?

A: Being able to work around with strict regulations, to be able to be more flexible with our thinking because most of us are used to planning physical events and this time we have to think out of the box and being able to host an event during covid is something we are very very grateful for.

Feedback from Aavius, EXCO of ICS 2021/2022

Q: How different was the event compared to last year?

A: We faced a lot more covid restrictions especially with the whole 2 pax rule. It made it quite impossible for us to hold the event physically compared to last year where they had Bounty Arena and this year we are doing Mobile Legends instead of Valorant so we feel that it's easier for the whole thing to be online and be done via zoom.

Feedback from Donovan, Spons IC of ICS 2021/2022

Q: What are you hoping to see from this event?

A: I hope the participants walk away feeling that our event is well planned because putting an event together in two months is actually a difficult task so I hope everything will run smoothly.

Feedback from Joy, Member of Marketing Sub-Comm of ICS 2021/2022

Q: What can people expect from this event

A: It will be very interesting for ML to be executed into a competition style event. Especially for eSports, like people who are amateurs or non professionals don't actually have that many platforms to showcase their skills so it's very fun to see people our age (tertiary students) showcasing their ML skills on a platform that's very rarely seen. It's also interesting to see sponsors come together to help us execute this event. It's a very fresh experience for everyone.

Hope to see you again next year!