• Muhammad Fareez Afiq

Transformers: Home Refurbishment 2022

‘Home Refurbishment @ Limbang’ is part two of events organised by SIM-UOL ‘Transformers’ Committee. They aim to improve the living conditions of seniors and low-income families residing in one-room rental flats through home refurbishment services such as painting, cleaning and decluttering. The committee recruited the help of 28 volunteers and used the funds raised from the home refurbishment project to paint and clean up one room rental flats.

On 8th January, the generous volunteers gathered at Limbang Block 536 to contribute back to the community. They started the day with the hope to bring smiles to under-privileged residents living there by providing them with new furniture and technical services. The volunteers painted, cleaned and replaced old household items with new mattresses and cupboards for all 7 units. Despite the ‘stuffy’ conditions, they were able to get the job done before the day ended.

Overall, the volunteers were elated they were able to complete refurbishing all the units as planned. We would like to thank the Transformers’ Committee as well as the volunteers for all their hard work. With the end of ‘Home Refurbishment @ Limbang’, Transformers ended their work year on a high note and we look forward to more charitable events like this!

Lastly, we would like to thank all of the sponsors for this event:

  1. Gush

  2. Golden Wing

  3. Venus

  4. Uvex

  5. Scrub.sg

  6. Sheldon Global

  7. The Furniture Mall

  8. Kotex

  9. Axe Brand

Here are some questions from the post-event interview we conducted with the volunteers as well as the Transformers’ Committee.

Feedback from volunteers:

Q: How do you feel about today’s event?

A: I feel like it was very meaningful to be able to help the less privileged.

Q: Would you recommend this to your friends? Why?

A: I would as I enjoyed my time participating in this event! Although it was physically tiring, I think it was worth the effort because of the company and what the event means.

Feedback from Claire, OIC of Transformers 2021/2022:

Q: What was the purpose of today’s event? Are there any areas of improvement?

A: The purpose of today’s event is to help refurbish low-income families by cleaning, painting and giving them necessary furniture. We could have asked the residents for more information as we had issues with the measurements of the mattresses and cupboards. If these specific details were asked beforehand, we could have ended slightly earlier.

Q: What is your favourite part of the event?

A: My favourite part of the event is hearing the residents saying that they are thankful for all our efforts and praising us for doing a good job. This shows that they appreciated our efforts.

Feedback from Calista, 2IC of Transformers 2021/2022:

Q: What are some challenges faced during the planning of the event and how did you overcome them?

A: There were a few challenges faced during the event but the main challenge was a fear that there might be a change in the government regulations relating to COVID-19.

Q: Any words for your fellow Transformers?

A: Thank you everyone for all the hard work during the entire work year! It has been a wild ride and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and had a good time during both rag & bone and home refurb!