• Yuyi Eng

Transformers: Ling Kwang Home 2020

The SIM Transformers is a group of students who come together with a common purpose of transforming other people’s lives. They’re dedicated to helping people from all walks of life, through visits and events and to finally kick-off the start of this academic year, they paid a visit to Ling Kwang Home.

Ling Kwang Home is a nursing home, whose aim is to provide holistic care and development catered to the elderly and less fortunate. The students reached out to the home and were greeted and welcomed with open arms.

31st October was the day the students were able to first step into the home. They familiarised themselves with their surroundings and were immediately determined to begin making a difference once they sensed the gloomy and lethargic mood of the home. They wasted no time and began working on their plans.

They began preparing their materials for the planned games for the elderly by starting to sew over a hundred beanbags for 6 long hours and although it started to become boring and repetitive, the students were able to press on and persevere by constantly reminding each other of their initial purpose of coming to the home. Doing so was no easy feat, as most of the students were clueless as to how to even sew. However, the students were diligent and their motivation could be seen through this seemingly trivial activity.

The beanbags were then used as an object thrown on a target circle made of velcro, which was also made from scratch by the Transformers.

They were also given the task to construct a board made out of recyclable material such as cardboard and toilet rolls, which purpose was to entertain the elderly by letting a paper ball roll around the board and by letting it loop through the rolls to accumulate points.

The long day then came to an end and the students were finally able to take a break they so badly deserved.

About a week later on the 7th of November, the passionate students finally returned to the home. They started working on flower petals made out of green paper of various shades and glue which were then used as christmas decorations for the upcoming holiday, in an attempt to lighten the mood in the home.

The event finally came to an end and although the students were unable to gauge how happy and appreciative the seniors were to accept their gifts due to the current COVID measures implemented, the students left with a bright smile, knowing that their planned activities will definitely leave a positive impact on the home.

Wrapping up!

This was not the first time Transformers came together to help those in need and it will definitely not be the last. We should all aspire to be like this group of humble and down to earth students who are willing to sacrifice their time to give back to society and expect nothing in return. We thank the Transformers for their selfless acts as well as Ling Kwang Home for giving these students the opportunity to spend their time meaningfully and providing the hospitality that the students enjoyed thoroughly.

Here are some questions from the post-event interview we conducted with one of the members as well as the 2IC of Transformers.

What was the purpose of today's event?

2IC: To give back to society, especially to the elderlies.

What are some challenges you faced during the event?

2IC: We were unable to directly interact with the elderly here because of the current situation brought about by COVID so we had to have alternative plans in order to help them in their daily activities while they are staying in their homes. It was also difficult for us to coordinate the event among ourselves to complete the project due to the COVID measures implemented.

Any words for your fellow Transformers?

2IC: Thank you for your enthusiasm in helping us complete the event and I hope that we can continue giving back to the society even after today.

What was your most memorable segment of the event?

Member: The sewing of beanbags for the throwing game. The majority of us have no experience in sewing so I guess we all learnt something new today. Although the activity was repetitive, it was still quite fun overall.

What are your overall thoughts on today’s event?

Member: The event was pretty good in a sense that since we’re restricted by the measures put in place due to COVID, what we’ve done is the least we can do. The purpose for us Transformers is we all play a part in transforming people’s lives so conducting all these activities and making all these games for the seniors to do was quite meaningful for me.

Would you recommend this to your friends and why?

Member: Definitely! The event was a team effort and just by participating and putting in a bit of effort, you’re already contributing to the event. Having my friends join in would add more fun to it and doing so would be meaningful activity for them at the same time, so I would definitely recommend it to them.