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Conceptualised in the work year of 14/15 by Singapore Institute of Management-University of London’s Students’ Representative Council (SIM-UOL SRC), SIMME underwent an overhaul in this new work year of 16/17 and is renamed SIMmetry.


The name, SIMmetry, stems from our mission in promoting work-life balance for the students in SIM GE.


SIMmetry is, simply put, a loyalty programme for all Singapore Institute of Management Global Education(SIM GE) students. It is a business collaboration between SIM-UOL SRC and merchants whereby exclusive privileges are offered to the SIM community by the merchants in return of effective and extensive publicity administered by SIM-UOL SRC.



  • Through this loyalty programme, SIM-UOL SRC’s Business Development Committee hopes to act as the crucial link between students and corporations

  • Provides a medium to enhance student welfare through partnerships with corporate clients. 

  • To create a vibrant and holistic environment for our students. 

How to recognise participating partners?

1. Website

Check out our website, under "Great Deals", for the complete list of partners and their offers.

2. SIMmetry Decal

Participating outlets will have our SIMmetry decal displayed at their stores.