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November 22, 2018

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Why Donate Blood?

November 14, 2014

Picture credits: Health Sciences Authority Singapore


"Every hour of the day, 15 units of blood are used in Singapore. More than 100,000 units of blood are needed to meet the transfusion needs of patients every year, equivalent to more than 350 units of blood a day - Health Sciences Authority"


When there is an insufficient supply of blood, patients are unable to receive the appropriate treatment for any operations or medical emergencies. This then increases the risk of fatality. In Singapore, the Health Sciences Authority and the Red Cross hope to prevent such a situation from happening by educating the public about the importance of blood donations.


When there are more blood donors, it becomes more plausible for blood banks to meet the demands of daily blood transfusions. Unfortunately, some Singaporeans may either have the perception that there will always be a sufficient supply of blood or they may associate donating blood with pain and fear. Therefore, they choose not to donate blood.  Hence, it is essential for people to know that there is a constant need for more blood donors.



Blood Stocks for October 2014


Just consider the current blood stocks – there is an urgent need for blood units with blood types A and O. This is especially so for the blood type O as it is the universal donor type and is compatible with all blood types. 


However, it is vital for any prospective blood donors to first understand their health before donating blood. It can be unsafe to donate blood if it contains traces of diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis or other forms of STDs etc. While civic-mindedness should be applauded, such actions could lead to risks of blood contamination and administrative problems.


Everyone should know that they play a part in ensuring a steady supply of blood to our blood banks. At present, there are many mobile blood drives and there are 3 official blood banks located at convenient locations.


  1. Bloodbank @ HSA
    Health Sciences Authority
    (Opposite Outram MRT Station)
    11 Outram Road
    Singapore 169078


  2. Bloodbank @ Dhoby Ghaut
    Dhoby Exchange (Near Exit B)
    11 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238826


  3. Bloodbank @ Woodlands
    Woodlands Civic Centre
    (Opposite Causeway Point)
    900 South Woodlands Drive
    #05-07 Singapore 730900


In our very own school campus, we will also be organising a mobile blood drive. Planned by the SIM UOL SRC Student Initiative, the mobile blood drive is a part of the Welfare Week organised for the student population.


Date: 18 November 2014 – 20 November 2014

Time: 11am – 5pm

Venue: SIM Blk B Level 1




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Written by Dwanive Ong


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