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January 8, 2020

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November 22, 2018

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Futsal, Football’s Feisty Lil Bro

November 17, 2014


From 23 to 24 October 2014, the SIM UOL-SRC Inter-Collegiate Sports (ICS) Committee organised a futsal competition in school which saw 14 teams vying for attractive prizes as well as the bragging rights of being the best futsal team in SIM-UOL. Ultimately, 3rd place went to team Sexy and We Know It while teams Footnote and Magista United battled it out for the Championship position


Futsal is a scaled-down variant of Association Football, with 5 players on each side, played in two 20 minute intervals and on a smaller indoor court with a smaller ball that has 30% less bounce.


A smaller court implies that players are relatively nearer to one another, thus players are rewarded for fast and accurate passing while the effectiveness of dribbling and running with the ball is lessened since it is harder to get past the human obstacles in close proximity alone. Furthermore, the fact that it is played on a hard surface means that defenders are unable to slide tackle, making their job more challenging and forcing players to get creative with their footwork.This makes for an exhilarating display of skill and athletism that attracts casual onlookers and die-hard fans alike.


What makes futsal different and more adrenaline pumping than football is its relatively faster pace as well as the close proximity of the spectators to the play. Spectators are treated to intense one-on-one situations between attackers and goalkeepers which rarely happen in a standard football match. The tension in these encounters make for an exciting personal experience that would draw the attention of any individual.  


In the enthralling grand final, Magista United raced to a 4-1 lead in the 1st half. However, Footnote began their comeback once the 2nd half started, scoring 3 goals to bring the match to a 4-4 tie. Before they could even celebrate, Magista replied with a ferocious shot to give them the lead again, breaking the goal post in the process. The game was halted while the maintenance team was mobilised to fix the post. With the clock ticking down to the end of the 2nd half, Footnote managed to penetrate Magista's defence and brought the match to a penalty shootout. After a series of penalties, Footnote's goalkeeper made the decisive save when he proved himself more than equal to a penalty from the Magista player in front of him, thus bringing the final to a conclusion and completing a remarkable comeback by the Footnote players.


Footnote's triumph as the futsal champion marked an exhilarating end to the first event of the SIM-UOL SRC work year. It was a spectacular two days that created fun-filled experiences for the players while spectators got to enjoy a thrilling display of skills of their fellow school-mates.










Written by Joyce Li

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