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November 22, 2018

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A Banana A Day

November 26, 2014


Banana - one of the most common fruits in Singapore. Bananas are nutrient-rich and offer a wide variety of health benefits which we will explore in this article.


1. An Athlete’s Best Friend: Banana is rich in sugar, potassium and fibre, making it the perfect food for pre and/or post workout diet. No doubt, it provides the necessary energy needed for athletes and gym-goers before/after their intense workouts. Besides this, potassium in banana is effective in preventing muscle cramps.


2. Loosen the Stools: As banana contains fibre, it keeps your digestive system running smoothly and avoids constipation. If you’re not an ardent fan of leafy-green vegetables, consider eating bananas instead.


3. Shed the Flab: A banana, on average, contains only 110 calories, making it a great, low-calorie snack for weight-watchers. Furthermore, the dietary fibre in banana makes you feel full after consuming it and reduces the urge for you to eat more thus, maintaining one’s healthy weight and shape.                     


4. The Happy Pill: On estimate, a small banana provides 27 mg of Magnesium, which is considered as a mood-booster. A finding from Live Strong Foundation states that low levels of the mineral are linked to depression, anxiety, irritability and other mood disorders. Feeling irate or moody? Eat a banana to relieve some of the tension.


5. Versatile and Portable: A banana is portable, affordable and easy to pack. Bananas can also be eaten on-the-go, blended into smoothies or incorporated into various recipes, making it very versatile in the way of consumption. No fuss cutting needed like pineapples, no large carrier needed to store like watermelons and no tools needed to get to the flesh like durians. 


EXTRA: Tips on how to buy & store bananas:


  • Choose bananas with a nice golden colour and avoid those with brown spots or patches. Select the fruit that is firm and watch out for any bruises.

  • To store bananas, keep them under room temperature for a couple of days (1 to 3 days) until they are a bit soft with freckles appearing on the surface. When you cannot finish them, store the bananas in the fridge and consume them as soon as possible.



Picture credit:


Written by Tony Kung


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