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From 11 to 14 November, the SIM-UOL SRC Business Development Department organised Carnival 2014, a yearly event held at SIM where there are game booths and stalls selling food and merchandise for everyone. This year’s Carnival was a great success as it attracted throngs of students to visit the stalls during the 3-day event. A variety of products, ranging from stylish fashion merchandise and handy IT gadgets, to delicious treats were on sale thanks to the participating vendors.

The theme for this year’s Carnival, Prism Break, revived the placid school environment with vivid colours. There were a total of three themed attires; one for each day of the event, and this enlivened the entire occasion. Students wore striped outfits complemented with blue accessories for the first day, white accessories along with checkered clothing for the second and floral prints with red accessories for the final day of Carnival.

Throughout the course of the event, participants were given the opportunity to win prizes by competing in a simple game. They were required to collect four stamps from designated booths situated around SIM. For those who managed to collect all four stamps, they were entitled to a lucky draw where attractive prizes such as discount vouchers were up for grabs.

Students from SIM-UOL SRC also enticed the crowd by setting up booths which provided students with entertaining games like “Yo-Yo Balloons” and “Lollipop Lucky Draw”. Yo-yo balloons are colourful water balloons commonly found at matsuri festivals in Japan. Participants will “fish” for the balloons in a tub of water using a hook attached to the end of a twisted paper string. The balloons are partially filled with water, which makes it challenging to lift them out of the tub. For the Lollipop Lucky Draw, every lollipop that was sold came with a prize according to the colour marked at the bottom of the lollipop stick. Some of the lucky lollipop buyers won attractive prizes like fashion merchandise vouchers and Diffracted Visions (DV) glasses.

Photo credit: @lenoirstudio, Instagram

One of the main attractions for students during Carnival was the free photo booth sponsored by Le Noir Studio for the SIM-UOL SRC Pageant Committee. Students had fun taking group photographs while wearing different kinds of accessories and holding a variety of props provided by Le Noir Studio. The SIM-UOL Pageant Committee also had early bird ticket sales for the upcoming Pageant, “Risplendour”, on 18 December.

Tasty treats like succulent hot-dogs, mouth-watering chicken bites and sweet pastries were a source of delight for famished students who were starved from sitting through long lectures. In addition, students from SIM-UOL SRC Transformers sold welfare packs and refreshing ice-cream from Island Creamery in the sultry weather to lighten up everybody’s mood.

Moreover, there were many retailers selling chic apparels, accessories, eyewear, bags, watches, etc. Students could purchase exclusive items sold at discounted prices at such booths during Carnival.

Overall, Carnival 2014 was a lively event that swept SIM with a dash of colour and left students with fond memories. It is with hope that this yearly occasion will continue to create a vibrant student life experience for future generations of SIM students.

Written by Chen Xinmin

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