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The Week of Welfare

The Student Initiatives (SI) committee from SIM UOL-SRC Welfare Initiatives has been hard at work for the past few months. They have been getting in touch with various vendors and sponsors in order to build up their arsenal of freebies to give away to all students. We hope that you have enjoyed the first ever Welfare Week held throughout the 3rd week of November!

Monday Muse

On the first day of Welfare Week,

SI presented us with Marigold’s new Yuzu Fruit Jelly, which contains real yuzu peels and shakes up your senses with its citrus-like flavour. Students were also treated to the sounds of Natalie & Yasser, Naz & Debbi and Remedy throughout the lazy afternoon.

Tuesday Therapy

On the second day of welfare week,

SI presented us with free express manicures from Prettified Beauty Academy, and handed out many face masks from Foodaholic, ranging from refreshing cucumber-‘flavoured’ ones to ones that were aptly named Collagen. Also available for the taking were Garnier’s AcnoFight Acne fighting cream and giant bottles of Original Source Shower Gel and Shampoos.

Wellness Wednesday

On the third day of welfare week,

SI gave us more free Original Source Shower Gel and Shampoos, manicure services and juicy apples, sponsored by SI to promote healthy eating.

Tackle Your Thursday

On the fourth day of welfare week,

SI gave us cute little hampers of Ayam Brand Tuna Magik, Tobcorn, Berocca, Pentel Pens, and a guided spar by Onyx MMA which introduced many green students, male and female, fit and not, to the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Participants were also given a one week training pass at Onyx MMA!

Blood donation drive

And throughout the days of welfare week,

All SI seeks from you is to donate a little blood, save a life, and be a hero to your fellow man.

For those heroes who did,

Liked what you got?

As social creatures, humans constantly give and take. Altruism makes our species strong. Just as there is satisfaction in getting, there is much joy in giving. It has been a pleasure seeing all your smiling faces at the give-away booths and all your kindness at the blood donation corner.

SI is pumped up to do it again!

Do keep a lookout for more welfare packs coming your way next year, before your exams. Stay healthy and kind everyone. We will see you again soon!

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