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8 Gift Ideas for Him and Her

December 12, 2014

It’s that time of the year again, when most of us relish the goodness of parties, feasts and vacations. Christmas is just a few weeks away and some of you may be thinking about the kind of present you want to buy for your loved ones. If you’re having trouble with finding the perfect present for your friend, parent or lover, fret not! The REV team has collated a list of gift ideas by asking SIM students what presents they want to receive this Christmas. Here are some gift ideas you can consider:


For Him


1) Headphones 




High audio quality is a huge part of an immersive gaming or movie watching experience. Is he someone who spends a lot of time gaming, listening to music, or watching movies, and is he particularly picky about audio quality? If yes, impress him by buying him a pair of high-quality headphones like the surround sound headphones. A good pair of headphones provides the user with powerful bass, clearer vocals and an all-round better audio experience. Headphones vary in specifications and prices so pick one that meets the needs of the user, and is within your budget. You can purchase headphones from electronic stores such as Stereo Electronics and Challenger. If you’re looking for personalised headphones, visit AV One, a retailer for audio and visual equipment, which sells Velodyne vFree headphones that come in custom skins.


2) Video Games




Gaming is so popular, especially among teenagers and young adults, that organisations such as the Cybersports & Online Gaming Association have been set up to promote gaming and eSports in Singapore. You’ll never go wrong if you buy a guy’s favourite PC, Xbox or PlayStation game for him.


According to GameSport, an online website for video game news and reviews, the top 5  newest video games that are available in the market now are: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Destiny, The Crew, Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, and Far Cry 4. If you’re interested in purchasing a video game as a gift, look out for attractive deals at online video game stores such as Qisahn and FunzSquare.


3) Books




If he’s interested in picking up new skills such as learning how to play the guitar or if he’s keen to study financial investment tips, buy him a book to encourage him to learn. You can purchase books at Book Depository, an online bookstore that offers cheaper book prices compared to most of the other online booksellers such as, and it also provides free delivery service for orders to Singapore. Alternatively, you can buy e-books as gifts if he uses an e-book reader.


4) Home-Baked Cookies




If you’re the kind of person who enjoys the process of making a present, you can consider baking cookies or pastries for your family, friends or lover this Christmas. Home-baked pastries are great gifts to bring over to your friend’s place if you’re invited to a house party or dinner because most people love desserts and you’ll earn brownie points for being a thoughtful guest. You can search for delicious and easy-to-bake cookies recipe on the internet or watch YouTube videos to learn how to make them.      


For Her


1) Selfie Stick




Before camera phones were invented, cameras were reserved for special occasions such as weddings, family vacations and graduation ceremonies. Today, we take photographs using our smartphones almost every other day. Since a couple of years ago, women have become widely known for their hobby of taking photographs of themselves regularly and sharing them on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. Taking selfies has become a social norm and hence, a handy selfie-stick is useful for a lady who likes to take pictures of herself and her friends. You can rely on her to take superb group photographs next time! Selfie-sticks can be bought at online marketplaces like Qoo10. 


2) Makeup/Skin Care Products 




Makeup palettes, foundation sets, lipsticks and mascaras are wonderful presents for the stylish girl who takes the time to pamper herself. Good skin care products like face masks, moisturisers and sunscreen creams are also some of the girls’ favourites! Be sure to visit Sephora if you want to pick up any makeup, beauty or skincare product because it has the largest and most diverse selection of beauty products. 


3) Watch




Give the special lady in your life (whether she's your best friend, lover or mom) a classic watch that complements her style and makes her personality shine. Pay attention to her needs – is she entering a new milestone in her life such as joining the workforce? Or is she enrolling into a university soon? Pick a watch that will serve those needs. You can find a wide variety of women watches at online fashion stores such as ASOS and Zalora.


4) Diary




Although we live in the digital age now where most of us express our opinions freely on social media sites and blogs, a diary can be a useful gift because it lets the user pen down her thoughts in a safe space. Keeping a journal is also meaningful because you can always revisit your past memories and you’ll realise how much you’ve grown throughout the years when you read it again in the future. Check out the beautiful diaries sold in many stationery shops like kikki.K and Typo if you’re keen to purchase. 



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Written by Chen Xinmin


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