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How to Edit Selfies

With the upcoming Christmas season, this article shares mobile applications available on iOS that you may utilize to achieve ‘instagram-worthy’ festive pictures. Here is my list of top 5 must-haves to edit your #nofilter #noedit pictures into gorgeous looking pieces of art.

  1. Afterlight ($1.28) / VSCO Cam (Free)

  2. Rhonna Designs ($2.58) / Studio Design (Free)

  3. SparkMode (Free)

  4. Typic ($2.58)

  5. MeiTuXiuXiu (Free)

Afterlight/VSCO Cam

I’d suggest purchasing Afterlight as it comes with a wide array of stunning filters as well as light leaks and frames. However, if you’re unwilling to buy an application that you have not tried out, VSCO Cam is a great alternative as it comes with simple editing tools and basic filters that are easy to use. If you like it, you may make in-app purchases of other filter packs available.

Rhonna Designs/Studio Design

Not sure how to decorate your picture? Use Rhonna or Studio Designs to introduce unique word designs and shapes that helps to personalise your pictures.


Want to share your fabulous #OOTD (outfit of the day) shot? Duplicate the diva in you for a mirrored effect using SparkMode for a fun and interesting image.


To add labels to your photos, you may consider the user-friendly application, Typic. It provides a large range of fonts and decorative designs.


Has your lack of sleep caused you to have dark eye circles? If you would like to conceal any imperfections or blemishes, MeiTuXiuXiu blemish tool works wonders.

Written by Laura

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