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FoodHunt 2014

Foodhunt, an annual event organized by SIM-UOL SRC was held on 22 November 2014, where 30 participating teams congregated to compete for the top prizes. The concept of this event was "Twenty 21”, where participants got to try out different types of food from the 20th century (olden times) and 21st century (the present). When “Twenty 21” is put into numbers, it is “2021” and the addition of the numbers equates to 5, which is also the edition of this year's Foodhunt.

There were 30 teams of 5, with a total of 15 food stations located all over Singapore for the teams to patronise. At each food station, there were engaging games which the teams had to participate in to score points. There was an end point that all teams had to report to at 6.30pm, where all activities would cease. What made the event more exciting was that a lucky draw was held at the end point and 3 lucky teams had the opportunity to win $100 each.

Fortunately for many, despite Singapore’s monsoon season during this time of the year, it was not much of a hassle for the teams to move from station to station as the weather was mostly clear despite drizzles here and there.

Below lists some pictures from the various food stations:

Arbite from Serangoon Gardens

Albert Street Prawn Noodle from Old Airport Road

Chicken House from Kilat Court

Shrove Tuesday from Toa Payoh Lor 4 Block 94

Holy Cow Creamery from Yishun St 22 Block 292

Salmon Wrap from Rit Cuit Kitchen, Rangoon Road

It was definitely a challenge for the teams to visit all 15 stations during the stipulated time as only public transport was allowed. However, the participants were unfazed by it and still carried zeal in accomplishing station after station.

The prize presentation was held at about 8.30pm and the event wrapped up after that. Congratulations to the 3 teams, “Makansutra”, “Moloo” and “Exhunters” who clinched the first, second and third prizes respectively. The first prize, worth about $4000, consisted of a wide range of vouchers from different outlets and a $1000 cold hardcash prize. As for the second prize, it was worth about $3000, with a wide range of vouchers and a $600 cash prize. And lastly, the third prize was worth about $2000, with a wide range of vouchers and a $300 cash prize.

Most of the participants reviewed that the food was niceand it was a funalbeit tiring experience. Thanks to the hard work put in for organizing Foodhunt this year, it has been a hit and we are all looking forward to what is in store for Foodhunt 2015!

Written by Veronica

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