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SIM-UOL Pageant 2014 (Part I)

A night of mesmerising catwalks, adrenaline-pumping dance performances and an ecstatic audience cheering their hearts out for their favourite pageant contestants – SIM-UOL Pageant 2014 was a dazzling show.

SIM-UOL Pageant is the biggest University Pageant Event in Singapore and it attracts hundreds of undergraduates every year to witness pageant contestants compete against one another in physical appearance, personality, and intelligence to win the prestigious Mr and Miss SIM-UOL titles.

SIM-UOL Pageant 2014 was held on 18 December at Zouk where contestants made their grand arrival in stunning supercars – an apt entrance that matched the theme Risplendour, which means grandeur and indulgence.

The female contestants for SIM-UOL Pageant 2014 were: F1 Michelle Tan, F2 Ophelia Oliveiro, F3 Deon Heng, F4 Katie Yong, F5 Lim Yu Ting, and F6 Tay Zhiyan.

The male contestants were: M1 Jonathan Wong, M2 Ng Junqiang, M3 Kenneth Tan, M4 Leung Ka Ming, M5 Eddy Soh, and M6 Joash Phoon Rui-Yan.

Distinguished guests including Mrs Singapore Globe 2014, Miss Audrey Lim and Mrs Planet 2013, Mrs Carol Neo were among the panel of judges for the contest.

For their first catwalk performance, pageant contestants strutted down the stage in pairs while dressed in costumes that artistically portrayed sins including lust, greed, indolence, wrath, pride, and envy.

Their dramatic body movements and intense eye contact caught everyone’s attention. In preparation for the event, the contestants spent weeks doing photo shoots and undergoing training and practice for the performance segments – all for the highly anticipated show.

Early birds who arrived at Zouk before 7pm that day were entitled to an early bird lucky draw where winners won prizes comprised of Zouk passes, hampers and hair treatment vouchers.

Afterwards, four participants from the audience were picked to play the game Ping Pong Shots. Participants were tasked to fill six empty shot glasses with ping pong balls by placing the balls on a measuring tape and letting them roll into the shot glasses. The person with the least number of shot glasses filled after two minutes would lose.

A female participant, Rachel, missed all the shot glasses and her penalty was to drink the number of shots she had missed. Rachel later called out a friend to share the six vodka shots with her.

Following that, the pageant contestants took the stage again, this time performing a skit with their respective partners. The chemistry between each couple was great and the light-hearted performance impressed the audience.

Afterwards, it was the Question and Answer portion of the show. Contestants were confident and witty when they answered the questions. One of the interesting questions “To you, what defines success?” was posed to M6 Joash Phoon who replied “Success is going through failure with the same kind of optimism.”

Excitement in the room rose palpably as the audience watched an eye-opening dance performance by Singapore’s dance crew, Limited Edition. The team demonstrated great co-ordination and dished out daring dance moves that awed everyone.

The pageant contestants stole the limelight when they returned to stage while dressed in beachwear. Their gorgeous bodies combined with their charming personalities won everyone’s heart.

(Continued in Part II)

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