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School bells RING …

For some of us it has been more than a month since school started; as for the others, it has only been a few weeks. Yet, how ready are you for school? Whether you’re first year, second or third year, the transition from a carefree holiday to a stressed up school life is never easy. Here are some tips for you to get back into the swing!

1. Make use of a planner

List down all the important dates such as examination dates, test dates and the holidays. Come up with a to-do-list and allocate a specific time for each task. Make sure the tasks that you list are realistic and specific - give yourself a goal to work towards!

2) You snooze, you really lose

Are you the type to always rush for time? Here's one way to avoid that: set your alarm 15 minutes before your wake-up time so that you can have some snooze time. If you think 15 minutes isn’t enough, let it be 20 or 30 minutes. But after the snoozing time do wake up. Don’t give yourself excuses. If it still doesn’t work, get your friends to give you wake up calls!

3) Create a work space

Your work space is not just your study table but your laptop, textbooks, subject guides and notes. Have you download all the notes you need? If you are using a laptop, are all your files arranged neatly? Rename your files if necessary!

4) Form study groups

In UOL, lecturers are always telling us to form study groups. This is not just to discuss concepts and clear doubts but also to motivate one another. Life as an undergrad is not easy, so tag along with your friends and push one another through this long year.

It'll help to keep an African proverb in mind: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

School never promised to be easy.

Let's help each other in this school year!

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