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November 22, 2018

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The Importance of Being Happy :)

October 21, 2015




Being happy, if only it was that easy.


To feel happy, you must be able to feel the other end of the spectrum - sad. What's the point of being happy then? Shouldn't we just stay in the grey area between both happy and sad? Nonchalant, I think some people call it that. To be calm and with little emotion. Maybe society is telling us that it's not cool to be happy. Or maybe we're just scared of feeling happy because that would mean that all that happiness would turn to dust one day.




Being happy creates this rippling effect, starting from how you react to the situation you are in. If you are happy and bubbly around people, the atmosphere will automatically become happier. The people around you will feel happier and have a more enjoyable time with you because you liven up the room and atmosphere. Remember, you play a big role through the vibes you give.






Being happy conditions your mind for clearer thought. It helps you make more mature decisions through seeing the big picture in life and the situation you are in. Being happy allows you to have a clearer mind when dealing with tough decisions. It creates a sense of calmness and peace amidst the sea of things that have been dampening your spirits.





Being happy helps liven up the atmosphere and add some zest in your life. It makes circumstances easier to go through and creates motivation for people to charge ahead. Seeing things in a more positive manner is the genesis to turning your life around. Because only as a happy person, we can fulfil more things in life and feel satisfaction in every single thing we do.





Never forgo the chance to smile and be happy because of the presence of fear and disappointment. Every minute you spend frowning is 60 seconds of happiness lost.

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