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Perspective Week: ICS

The annual Inter-Collegiate Sports (ICS) is a sporting event organized by the Student Representative Council from SIM-University of London. Held over a span of three weeks, it featured sports like captain's ball, dodgeball, basketball and futsal. Students from the various SIM Global Education partner universities and programmes took part in this event.

Day 1 - 23rd October, Friday morning

Everyone was pumped up and ready for the Captain's Ball tournament to begin at the courtyard area. However, particpants had to be ushered to the Multi-Purpose Sports Hall (MPSH) due to the unhealthy haze level. Nonetheless, the event went on smoothly despite the slight hiccups.

I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the ICS planning commitee and the positive attitude displayed by the participants during the change of venue. It was no easy feat to mobilize a move at such a short notice with more than 100 students in tow. Kudos to everyone who had made it happened!

Here are a few of our favourite moments!

Everyone moving to MPSH

Captain's Ball? More of 'Let's See Who Eventually Owns the Ball Game!'

Day 2 - 30th October, Friday morning

On the second day, the teams competed in basket ball and dodgeball at the MPSH. The enthusiasm of the participants supersede the gloom of the hazy weather and the excitement continued to rise as the games proceeded. With two sporting events taking place concurrently, it was a hectic, convivial and very sweaty event to say the least!

Aim high and SHOOT!!

All ready to DODGE!!!

Day 3 - 4th November, Wednesday morning

The hype of the futsal competition drew cheers from the large crowds on the last day of ICS. Did you hear loud cheers in-between classes? Or passed by the courtyard and saw people crowding around? Yes, that was the Futsal fiesta! If you missed it, you can click here for more photos of ICS Futsal.

As a first-time photographer at a sporting event, I could really feel the energy buzzing in the air just by being close to the playing court! To me, the ability to capture the attention of lovers of sports is a clear sign of a successful event! So kudos to the ICS committee!

To find out about the winners of the ICS events, take a look at our Instagram! For more photos during the event, head on over to our Facebook page.

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