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Yoga on a Budget

As Yoga gains more popularity these days, it seems like we all know the benefits of practicing it: improved concentration, better body posture, reduced stress, greater patience, and the list just goes on. Knowing all these benefits makes us become more interested and keen into practicing it, not yet mentioning the Instagram hauls where people are now looking into a more productive and fit lifestyle.

However, with each class costing easily from $30 and above for drop-in, no wonder we all can’t help but to think that Yoga is a luxurious indulgence only for the rich. Especially now that there are numerous posts on how the Yogis are intertwining and lifting their body weight very effortlessly, we also tend to think that Yoga is only for the flexible ones.

In fact, there are other alternatives out there where we can look into the right Yoga practice that is more suitable for the beginners and cheaper options that are catered to the students, for instance:

  • Iyengar Yoga

Unlike other Yoga options, Iyengar Yoga is a form of hatha yoga that uses props as aids in performing poses. It was first created to make it easier for all practitioners, ranging from the beginners to advancers, the young as well as the old. Props, like belts, blankets, cushions, benches, straps, sandbags, and blocks will be used to assist the yogis in developing strength, mobility, and stability while reducing the risks of injury.

  • Student’s Discount

As a student, there are many good deals and cheaper rates outside for us to enjoy before we finally step into the working life and adulthood. Sometimes we just need to take the initiative to ask, the same goes for your work out fees. One of the available yoga studios is Oasis Yoga, which is located near the Selegie Road neighborhood. The studio has really experienced trainees and the plus side is, it offers 20% discount for undergraduate students like us. If you are interested, you can check out more on their Facebook page and website here:

Oasis Yoga

Address: Block 10 Selegie Road #01-50,

Selegie House, Singapore 180010


  • Online Workouts

Also, thanks to the handy old Internet, there are now plenty of online workouts we can access with just $12 monthly fees or even for free, such as: UDAYA and various Youtube channels, like LIVESTRONG.COM or Blogilates. You can now enjoy the ease of not having to travel anywhere just to work out and do it whenever you want to.

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