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ICS 2016: Go Big or Get Rekt

With ICS 2016 just around the corner, REV’s back, - bigger and better, - to get you pumped about this year’s annual sporting event!

If you are new here, you probably haven’t heard about UOL’s very-own sporting event. This features sports like Captain’s Ball, Basketball, Dodgeball and Futsal. Spread over two weeks, it is open to both SIM students and external school teams alike.

Have you ever wondered what’s it like being the one that manages and runs such activities? Or how groups of youngsters are able to carry on the show year after year like a well-oiled machine without breaking a sweat?

Today, REV takes you behind the scenes of planning a SRC initiative, bringing you closer to heat of the action before the action! (AKA we got up close and reeeal personal with the very bunch of people that will be bringing you this year’s ICS. You’re welcome!)

Reasons to join/participate in ICS 2016

  • It’s a chance to meet more people

Why not expand your circle of friends while in university? Open to all the various SIM Global Education Partner Universities, ICS bridges the gap between the different schools, bringing all SIM students together through the crucible of sports. Participants will be able to interact freely with fellow students from other university (you may even learn a few study hacks from them)

  • Taking a break from school/studies

It is said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (and ICS 2IC Praveen agrees), and ICS will make sure that doesn’t happen to you! With a choice of 4 sports - Captain’s Ball, Dodgeball, Basketball and Futsal, you can definitely expect a good time of play.

  • Expect a fun event filled from the start to the end

We all know waiting isn’t fun. This year, the ICS team have planned the event to the minutes (and maybe even the seconds), from the start of the event to the final whistle. This is so that participants can expect little delay and much more playtime this year.

  • Chance to win exciting prizes

Sometimes we all need some motivation, or a goal in mind, to charge to. What could be better than winning some really attractive prizes? At ICS, winners will receive just that. With many of its previous sponsors back for another year, and a few new additions, participants can look forward to exciting prizes to be won!

If the reasons above aren’t reason enough, do drop by the sure-to-be-adrenaline-pumping sporting events and have a look see yourselves. The draw of the crowd is definitely telling enough of its popularity and proves to be no surprise as to why it’s turnout never disappoints.

So do keep a lookout for sign-up and lock-down dates around school. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and UOLSRC for a post-by-post update on what’s to come and I assure you, that will be a few golden and highly important minutes spent on the internet unwasted.

Finally, a special shout-out by the senior in-charge, Kenneth to his fellow committee members: Great job for all the hard work, time and effort during the time leading up to the event! Good luck for ICS 2016 and hopefully the spirit and brilliant momentum and drive lives on!

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