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Tech Review: beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET

The Product: beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET

Specs: 38 OHMS, Closed-back, on-ear, foldable headphone, black, detachable, single-sided plugged straight cable, length 1.3m (4.3 ft), 3.5mm

I am no audiophile, but I am writing this review as someone who loves listening to music like everyone else, and here’s what I feel about this headphones.

Comfort level:


The leather padding are reasonably comfortable, but after wearing it for awhile, it just feels like someone is squeezing your head and refuse to let go. It gave me a headache, and I just wanted to take it off.



When I first looked at the box, I was pretty impressed by the features it has, such as the custom sound slider to adjust the bass response, and the additional socket for sharing your music with someone you love (didn’t have the chance to try it though). It was all good when I played the first song, and I could hear the little details that you might not be able to hear using usual low grade earphones/headphones; so that’s an upside. However the downside is that the music sounded too… ‘clear’ to me. Personally, I prefer when there’s some bass so the music feels cushioned, but this headphones doesn’t offer that. So, I tried toggling the slider in hope that I’ll be able to find the ‘cushion’, but to my disappointment, the toggle was really not making much of a difference. I couldn’t tell what setting I was on. I did try different genres too.



They look pretty alright, and they allow you to customise the look of the housings by offering changeable discs with different prints. To change it however, you’ll have to do some unscrewing. They don’t feel flimsy too, so that’s good.

Overall, I'll give it a 5/10.

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