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#GOD the guts to take up the challenge?

The year’s most anticipated island-wide amazing race throughout a course of 2 Days & 1 Night; City Venture ‘16 is back with another round of mentally and physically challenging activities for all of you to compete in! Time to put on your thinking caps and use your strength to challenge all the stations!

We’ve approached the face of the committee for a short interview and here’s a sneak peek of what’s installed for the participants:

What's your overview of City Venture!

City Venture (CV) is an event which SIM-GE students look up to every year. We are a 2 Day 1 Night Amazing Race Event where we engage students in various exciting activities around Singapore.

Our ticket sales are a hot commodity and there’ll usually be a queue during registration booth day (or so we hope haha!), that’s why we keep our booth location secret (or is it haha!) till registration!

Is there any difference from past year's City Venture? If so, what is it?

We are always growing and getting better every year. We improve and learn from the previous years of City Venture. Our prizes are getting more attractive with each passing CV!

AND……This year we have hit ~$15K for our First Prize (HOORAY!).

This is where we see growth in the committee and event, which would naturally bring in more and better sponsors who have confidence in us!

What can we expect from this year's CV!

More fun, more thrills, more sweat & tears and of course, better prizes!

Preparation efforts

Our 12 weeks of constant and consistent planning, exhausting dry runs, regular meetings, wasn't easy.

Everyone’s sweat, tears, effort and heart were put 100% into this event.

Tips for the participants

Work hard, work smart and work fast as a team.

Be determined, persevere and we believe you can make it!

- From City Venture’s 2nd In-Charge, Theodore and Sponsor 2nd In-Charge, Phyllis

Check them out on their social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and UOLSRC for their latest updates on what’s more to come.

Facebook: SIM-UOL SRC: City Venture/ SIM-UOL Student Representative Council

Instagram (City Venture): simuolcityventure

Instagram (UOL SRC): uolsrc

Here is a short message from the Marketing 2nd In-Charge, Jeremy, to his committee members and participants:

To the seniors, thanks for being our pillar of support throughout our entire journey, for guiding us and helping us to bond as one CV family.

To the juniors, many of you have stepped out of your comfort zone and put in a lot of effort into the planning of our event! We have come a long way!

To the participants, I hope that you guys will have a memorable experience during CV’16 and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

CV’16 will always be one to remember! May the event be a huge success and may all the participants have a rocking good time!

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