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Transformer: Rag & Bone 2016

Ever thought of contributing to the community? Don’t miss this chance! For this year, Transformer’s Rag and Bone, you can register as volunteers to go around estates collecting newspaper and old clothes for fund-raising. The funds raised will be used to sponsor outing of the underprivileged children as well as the upcoming main event in December.

We’ve approached the Committee for a short interview and here’s what you can expect for this year’s Rag & Bone:

What is the objective of 2016 Rag & Bone?

Our objective is to, most importantly, raise funds for our main event which is the home refurbishment.

At the same time, Rag and Bone is a good opportunity for University of London (UOL) students to make more friends and have a bonding session while they go around collecting the items.

We also hope to promote the importance of recycling to our volunteers.

Is there any difference from 2015 Rag & Bone? If so, what is it?

For this year's rag and bone, we have selected a larger area for collection and the number of blocks we'll be collecting from has increased to about 279 compared to last year's 187.


There is a change in beneficiary (Heartware Network) which will target a different group of audience to help this year.

Why is it important to have Rag & Bone?

Do you remember what it was like growing up? Having a warm, welcoming home that always felt safe? A backyard to play in? Food in the fridge? At that point of time, you likely didn’t think about those things. No one could blame you for taking them for granted. Carefree; that’s how growing up should be.

However, that was not the same for many of the lower income families and elderlies. Hence, Rag and Bone is our main method of raising funds, where funds are to be utilized to aid the lower income families and elderlies for our main event “Project Phoenix” where we will be refurbishing selected homes given by our beneficiaries for giving them a warmer, safer and a more comfortable home.

What can participants look forward to for 2016 Rag & Bone?

Great workout AND…

Attractive goodie bags that our sponsor team has been working on to prepare for you. (YAY!)

What is the greatest take away participants can get from Rag & Bone?

It's a rare opportunity where they can experience being a "Karang Guni" (Rag & Bone man/woman) for a day.

The new and stronger friendship forged from the event itself.

Whilst collecting the items from the different blocks of flats, participants will also witness the living conditions of the lower income groups living in 1 room flats which will be an eye-opening experience.

They would be surprised that sometimes the poor are more willing to give.

~From Transformer’s 2nd In-Charge, Tricia and Programmes 2nd In-Charge, Yan Ting

Check them out on their social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and UOLSRC for their latest updates on what’s more to come.

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Instagram (Transformer): @simuoltransformers

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