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We have our first MM boot camp. These are our stories.

Subject A:


With barely 4 hours of sleep, I hesitantly left my toasty cocoon of blankets, getting ready for the big day ahead – our mdmk’s very first annual camp. I made my way down to Bugis MacDonald’s, meeting up with the fellow teammates and exchanging sleepy faces because, really, it was too early in the morning for any normal brain to function. But despite all the relentless whining and complaints, we were all undeniably excited for the events that were in-stored for us.

Our camp journey started with us breaking into groups and discussing about our assigned projects of the day over breakfast. DAH BOSS – our group name – was in charge of filming an introductory video of mdmk and coming up with captivating photographs and article to be uploaded onto our official webpage. And maybe it was the natural creative side of us, or perhaps it was the power of the almighty morning Mac hash browns; brainstorming session was a breeze. Creative juices flowed and ideas began pouring. We talked about our theme music, the concept skeleton of our video, and the ideal photographs and article we had to produce.

I was never quite the morning person – and don’t get me wrong I love my bed and nothing can every come between us – but this is definitely something I could get use to. Oh MM, this is only just the beginning. What could the future possibly hold for us?

Subject B:


Creativity. A crucial part to what defines mdmk, being different, an artist of my own.

1st October 2016, 0900 hours. In the center of the streets of Bugis, we started off our project to make something great. Despite the lack of expertise in the particular field of photography and videography, we were persistent into making something that we could call our own. Ideas were thrown, and indie music blasting through the speakers within the hustle and bustle of McDonalds.

We travelled from Bugis to Rocher Centre. A glass of Lychee Rose Cocktail at 11.42 AM at a nearby café that allows customers to shop for scented candles, leather watches and many more local innovative products (#supportlocal) as we seek shelter away from the rain.

Why lychee rose, you may wonder? Sweet yet with a tinge of bitterness, reflecting what I’ve thought seemed relevant with our journey to creating something we hoped would be fruitful. Beautiful masterpieces, doesn’t come easy. Along that journey to achieving something great, you’ll encounter not only sweet but bitter memories, it comes intertwined.

Today, the future seems bright. #iamcertain

Subject C:


Today we embarked on a new project, the MM Boot camp 2016 organized by our dear in-charge. We begin filming right away and I was stumped by the tasks we had to do. I haven’t given much thought on how I would want others to view us as a committee. However, once suggestions are being thrown on to the table, I realized my group mates have the same impression of MM. I was having trouble contributing due to my competency in filming. However, I decided to work on the behind the scenes footage to play my share and also because these scenes are less technical and easier to handle. I realized that being in MM is about thinking out of the box and integrating the fun we had amidst all the work. And that may be the reason what makes us different from other committees.

If you're looking for some inspiration or looking for some beauty in the ordinary, you can also check out some of our MMreboot shots here!

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