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Food Hunt 2016 // Droolicious

November 8, 2016



Are you a foodie? The thrilling time is here again, with bigger, better and yummier adventure for you to experience. What are you still waiting for? It’s time for you to get ready on this feast.

We have approached the committee for a short interview, and here is what you can expect to get from this year’s foodhunt event!


What is the objective for this year’s Food Hunt?


The objective of Food Hunt is to provide a fun filled experience to SIM students by searching for diverse and unique cuisines in selected parts of Singapore.


Game rule: In this one-day event, participants will have to locate delicacies with the given clues and gain points by completing different tasks at the different stations. As you may know, this year’s theme for Food Hunt is Droolicious, hence we intend to expose students to a fusion of flavours and cuisines that are ‘droolingly’ delicious, combined with fun-filled games that will provide a remarkable and memorable experience for our participants.



Is there any difference from past year’s Food Hunt? If so, what is it?


Yes, of course. For this year’s Food Hunt, not only is the food good, the prizes are even BETTER!


As most of you may know, the food we have are mostly from hawker centres. However this year, we do provide food from cafes as well as restaurants! A plate of food from our top few sponsors could range from $15-$40! Therefore, participants will definitely not be disappointed if they join Food Hunt.


Before moving on to the prizes, we would like to thank all ex-committee members, participants and sponsors who have been supporting us since the start of Food Hunt. Hence, our prizes have been getting better over the years. Participants can expect greater Cash Prize and total value of the top 3 prizes! Fret not if they are not the top 3 winners, as we have lucky draws for individuals to win something too. So, as long as you join FoodHunt, you will have a chance to be one of our lucky winners!


Lastly, unlike the previous years, we have booths set-up for participants to engage after the event this year! One of it will be a photo booth where they can take a picture together with their group mates to keep as a souvenir!


Why is it important to have Food Hunt?


Food Hunt is important mainly because it is not just a race. Not only does it foster team spirit, but it bonds the people together through its games. We believe that food have the ability to bring people together, no matter how different we are. There are also teams that are made up of individuals that come from different courses in school, therefore I believe that many friendships will be forged throughout this event.


Also, it is important to know several places in Singapore that offer good food, so that it is easier to recommend places for a gathering or just for a simple meal. Trust me, they will be so glad you recommended them the stalls because it could be a hidden gem for many!


What can participants look forward to for this year Food Hunt?


Just as the name suggests, this year's Food Hunt will definitely be an event filled with endless eating, especially for those stomachs with bottomless pits! We will be uncovering more awesome food in Singapore that were previously unknown to many, thrilling their tastebuds with a wide array of cuisines around the sunny island. Not forgetting the exciting games that we have come up with, which will stir the competitive spirit in every participant. Our sponsors team have also secured attractive prizes, which include cash!


What is the greatest take away participants can get from Food hunt?


As the Chinese sayings goes 人以食为天, food is the most important thing for mankind. Of course, our greatest takeaway from this event is to make a difference in the lives of our participants. We hope that they continue, in the Food Hunt spirit, to source  for the best food that Singapore hawkers have to offer and share this knowledge with their friends and families. In addition, learn the importance of teamwork through the games they play.


                             ~From Food Hunt’s Overall In-Charge, Diana and 2nd In-Charge, Eu Xuan.


There you go, hope you guys will have fun participating in it!

Check them out on their social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and UOLSRC for their latest updates on what’s more to come.


Facebook: SIM-UOL SRC: Foodhunt / SIM-UOL Student Representative Council

Instagram (Foodhunt): @simuolfoodhunt

Instagram (UOL SRC): @uolsrc




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