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SIM-UOL Pageant is one of the biggest University Pageant Event in Singapore and it attracts hundreds of undergraduates every year to witness pageant contestants compete against one another in physical appearance, personality, intelligence, talent and quick-wit to win the prestigious Mr and Miss SIM-UOL titles.

What’s more in SIM-UOL Pageant is that we incorporate contestants' creativity by letting them design their own costumes for the theme walk section. Other than showing off their physical attributes, on-stage presence and also determination, contestants gain confidence, poise, and styling tips throughout the whole event.

What is the theme for this year’s Pageant? And why?

We have based this year's Pageant around something a little more controversial - Trionfi. It is an Italian translation of "Tarot Cards". We've always felt that this has been a topic left unexplored by most due to its "dark" nature and that is precisely what gives our theme a fresh angle, something out of the norm. This year we are looking to let this enigma unravel itself to each and every person in the audience.

What is the objective for this year’s Pageant?

The objective of Pageant has been consistent each and every year. As one of the biggest pageant events in Singapore, our extensive outreach to the public, be it online or offline, helps us weave the students in SIM together. Not forgetting, our aim to showcase our work to the outside community.

Contrary to popular belief, this event has not always been all about the superficial aspect of people because we also delve deep into the contestants' personalities through a series of informal interviews and entertainment videos. Beyond that, we've managed to overcome the struggles to come up with a new theme, new video ideas and new collaterals designs. So in a nutshell, pageant is really more than meets the eye.

Is there any difference from past years' Pageant? If so, what is it?

Previous years, we've had a main theme - what our event decor and collateral designs are based upon, as well as a sub-theme - what the contestants' dance and costumes are based upon. This year we've scrapped that and combined them into a single theme to give the two elements, as mentioned above, more consistency and connection. Also, for our photoshoot locations, we've tried going out of the way to secure newer locations. For example, the beachwear photoshoot was held on a couple of private yachts and this would all not have been possible if not for our capable sponsors' team.

What can participants look forward to for this year's Pageant?

Participants can expect to spend a 3 hours’ journey indulging themselves in visual and aural pleasure. The four walks that our contestants will be showcasing that night, will bring the audience closer than they ever have been to the unknown.

Event Date: 29 November 2016

Event Location: Zouk 17 Jiak Kim St, 169420

Door purchase: $26

Early Bird: $24

Bundle of 10: $220

Point of Contact:

Wesley Seek 9823 3783

Marcus Low 9147 9908

Angelica Lee 9029 1730

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