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Beach Bonanza 2016


Currently in its fifth year running, SIM Beach Bonanza has earned a reputation for being the largest sporting event in SIM. Beach bonanza has been an overwhelming success with over 800 participants in total! This year, we are anticipating a greater outlook by leveraging on the positive reception generated from last year's event and our rigorous marketing efforts.

The full-day beach event will comprise a series of fun-filled activities, carnivals and competitive sports, to allow participants to enjoy and compete in this wonderful event.

What is the objective for this year’s Beach Bonanza?

To promote a holistic, healthy and active lifestyle, encourage good sportsmanship and create a place of social interaction between tertiary institutions while bridging the gap between family and friends. Our main aim for Beach Bonanza 2016 is to create a platform for students across different schools to come and have a blast at the beach, making friends, creating friendly competitions amongst them and most important of all, to let them relax and unwind with some sand, sports and carnivals!

Is there any difference from past years' Beach Bonanza? If so, what is it?

There are not much differences between Beach Bonanza’16 and Beach Bonanza’15! However, this year we are focusing more on fringe activities and mainly activities which people who come to unwind can enjoy! Call it a carnival at the beach if you would!

What can we expect from this year Beach Bonanza?

Sweat, Sun, Sea, Crazy Fun and a whole lot of Sports! Competitive sports on the beach what more could we ask for!

Why is it important to have Beach Bonanza?

Everybody loves the beach! Who doesn't! But a full day of fun out at the beach complete with competitive games and attractive prizes to be won, there are not many events like this out there! Each tertiary institution out there in Singapore currently has a beach event to their name and we believe in SIM UOL, we should too! We take pride in this event, this legacy, and our very own people who build it every year!

What a participants look forward to for this year's Beach Bonanza?

Attractive prizes to be won, friendships to be forged, Ramly Burgers and A PHOTO BOOTH FOR ALL!! The team behind Beach Bonanza 2016 has put in a lot of effort into this and we hope everyone would be able to have as much fun as we will have that day! So grab your sandals grab your shades, we'll see you there on 3rd December 2016! Beach Bonanza is back!

Event Date: 3rd December 2016 9am - 6pm

Event Location: Palawan Beach, Sentosa

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