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In the month on November, Transformers held their first event of the year – Rag & Bone. To find out more about what exactly is Rag & Bone, you can read our interview with the team here.

For those who missed out on Rag & Bone 2016, Ruishan, who volunteered for the event, will be sharing her experience…

“This was not my first time participating in Rag & Bone but this year’s experience was exceptionally meaningful. Even though the event was held at an extremely early timing, participants still made the effort to be on time. This was very heart-warming scene, to see SIM students eagerly wanting to give back to the community.

Our task for the day was to go to assigned blocks around the Tiong Bahru and Redhill neighbourhoods to collect newspaper and old clothes. When we first started the collection, the response from the first few blocks weren’t that well, but as we went along, more and more households started donating to us. On top of that, some residents who walked past and saw us collecting initiated to donate as well. It was really touching to see them so willing to give even though they were not obliged to do so. It just shows that there is still kindness in this world today.

I am really thankful to my group members for being extremely helpful throughout the event. Whenever I would ask for help to carry the heavy newspaper and clothes, they will rush down to my level to lend a helping hand even though they were busy on the other levels. I could see that everyone was exhausted after going up and down blocks to collect the items, but what put a smile to my face was their perseverance to carry on no matter how tired they were.

Through Rag & Bone, I saw that everyone really did their best to make the event a successful one. I would like to congratulate the Transformers team for raising a higher amount as compared to last year. If given a chance, I would definitely join again next year!”

For all who are still looking for opportunities to give back to the community, fret not, as Transformers’ main event – Project Phoenix is coming up!

Do you remember what it was like growing up? Having a warm, welcoming home that always felt safe? A backyard to play in? Food in the fridge? At the time, you likely didn’t think about those things. No one could blame you for taking them for granted. Carefree; that’s how growing up should be.

However, that was not the same for many of the lower income families and elderly. Our main event “Project Phoenix” where we will be refurbishing selected homes given by our beneficiaries for giving them a warmer, safer and a more comfortable home.

Join us in our one day refurbishment event as we aim to better the lives of lower income families this upcoming Christmas for the joy of giving and helping others!

Event Details

Date: 17 Dec

Location: TBC

Time: 8AM(whole day)

You can sign up here as a volunteer. So what are you waiting for?

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