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Recap of ICS 2016

Over the span of 3 weeks, we have watched students from various SIM Global Education universities and programmes come together in the name of sports. The annual sporting event featured Captain's Ball, Dodgeball, Basketball and Futsal. For those of you who've missed out on the event, or were participants who are already feeling the withdrawal from the event, REVExpress is here to recap the exciting moments.

Captain's Ball

25 October, Tuesday, 0900h - 1900h

SIM HQ, Block D, Multi-Purpose Sports Hall

Even if you are not the athletic type, I believe we have all played Captain's Ball before, whether it was during P.E lessons or camps. That being said, this was my first time seeing the competitive side of Captain's Ball. Every player had their game face on, some matches were really intense and had me on the edge of my seat. There was never a dull moment to a match, and we witnessed some really good passes and blocks. The images taken by our Media Works team captured some of the intense moments.

Looking through the photos, I am convinced some humans have special powers.


7 November, Monday, 0900h - 1900h,

SIM HQ, Block D, Multi-Purpose Sports Hall

I have never played Dodgeball before, so my knowledge about the sport mainly come from movies like...well, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. As the name suggests, the aim of the game is to hit your opponent with the ball, while at the same time dodging their attacks. We saw various dodging techniques, from side dodges, jumping, crouching, and some even all out - lying on the ground. While some may think that 1v1 is the most exciting, for me, the most nerve-wrecking moments was when it was 1v4. You can't help but want to support that 1 remaining player, and be (overly) excited when he/she makes a comeback for the team.

I believe the key to dodgeball is to have quick reaction time, cause the ball waits for no one.


7 November, Monday, 0900h - 1900h

SIM HQ, Block D, Multi-Purpose Sports Hall

Basketball was such an intense sport that ICS even brought in professional referees (other games were refereed by ICS organisers). The participants also seemed like serious players, or at least they were dressed the part, with their basketball uniform (some even had their own personalised jersey) and basketball shoes. This was my first time seeing basketball matches up close, and I must say, some of the matches were really intense. You could the players' urge to win and none of them were going to back down with a fight (not literally of course). However, no matter how intense the match was, players would still have their post-game handshakes with smiles and laughters. Now that's what sportsmanship is all about.


11 November, Friday, 0900h - 1900h

The Rainforest Sports Hub

Last but not least, the final sport this year was Futsal, which took place at The Rainforest Sports Hub, Turf City. We saw some of the fiercest and emotional matches of ICS 2016 here, not just from the players but from the spectators as well. Each score was accompanied with emotions from two ends of the spectrum - triumphant for the team who scored, while the opposing team seemed almost devastated. However, no matter who scored the goal, once the match resumed, both teams gave it their all, encouraging their teammates, and even lending a helping hand when an opponent stumbles. As a spectator, I was drawn to the matches, just like everyone else, cheering on for the players on the fields and just being amazed at their amazing footworks (especially for someone who has two left feets).

And with that, it's a wrap for Inter-Collegiate Sports (ICS) 2016! We would like to congratulate all the winners, and express our deepest thanks to all the participants!

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