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Food Review: Grin Affair

Grin Affair is a little cafe that mainly focuses on the art of cakes in a jar, with up to 14 different flavours for you to choose from.

“At Grin Affair, we use natural and real ingredients you would have in your own kitchen.

​We think desserts should be a part of our everyday lives but only if they are made of real food - no artificial flavourings, preservatives, thickeners.

​Desserts should make us grin and make our bodies feel great too. They shouldn't leave us loaded with unhealthy and artificial stuff that our bodies cannot process.

​At Grin Affair, we use less sugar in our desserts so they don't taste sweet and sickly, and less oil so they aren't as heavy. We make dessert jars for you!”

The shop officially started their business in 2011, located in Everton while the second outlet opened in 2015, located in Bishan

(more details of the shop located at the bottom)

We visited the branch in Bishan and tried mousse cakes of 4 different flavours, which are:

Lychee Passionfruit ($5.50):

This flavour certainly lives up to being the best seller in the shop. This dessert is made of layers of fluffy vanilla soft cake, lychee mousse with lychee bits and topped with chunks of salted pistachio. We loved it because it was refreshingly savoury - the nutty texture provided by the pistachios, coupled by the sweetness from the lychee mousse and the tartness of passionfruit, was a great complement to each other.

*ps, zhiqing & ruishan recommends this flavour!

Cookies and cream ($4.50):

This is one of the choices that anyone can fall back on if you are unable to decide - nothing will go wrong! A classic flavour which is made of layers of chocolate and vanilla soft cake, custard mousse and chunks of double-baked cookie crumbs (both plain and cocoa flavored). The cream has a great texture, yet not overly rich. Nevertheless, this flavour would still be sure to satisfy your dessert cravings even if you are not a fan of cookies and cream.

Durian ($5.00):

This flavour is definitely a must have for durian lovers! The MAO-SHAN-WANG used (Cat Mountain King - a species of durian) together with vanilla soft cake, (fresh) durian mousse with a dollop of durian flesh and topped with a layer of white cookies. There was even a generous amount of durian and mousse given as well! Even non-durian lovers should give this a try as the toppings, the salty white cookies, really complements the durian mousse and flesh so that the (famously) pungent durian flavour is not too overwhelming.

*ps, gerald recommends this flavour!

Hazelnut ($5.50):

The last flavour that we tried was uniquely flavourful as the top layer of the cake was different this time. Coffee powder was incorporated into the recipe of the sponge giving its distinctive flavour compared to the previous mousse cakes that we had, followed by the creamy mousse that was filled with plentiful hazelnuts which gives the mousse cake an overall balanced texture and superb flavour. This will definitely be a joy to have for nutella + toffee fans.

*disclaimer, no nutella was used while producing this

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Useful information:

est 2011.

Location: #01-77, Everton Park, 2 Everton Park, Singapore 081002

Opening hours: Mon – Sat, 12 to 8 pm. Closed on Sundays

est 2015.

Location: #01-408, 505D Bishan St 11, Singapore 574505

Opening hours: 1pm - 10pm daily

Contact: 8222 2678


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