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Recap: Beach Bonanza

Let’s look back at the breezy event, SIM-UOL SRC Beach Bonanza 2016.

The previous night’s showers in the city made the weather cooler and with that good note the event started with registration of participants for the various games. Opened to the public, we saw participants from various tertiary institutes across Singapore. Beach Bonanza was the place for people just love a fun day of games at the beach.

The event comprised of fun activities, carnival and 4 competitive sport - Captains' Ball, Dodgeball, Touch Rugby, and Volleyball. Each game started off with a briefing and practice session for participants to warm up before their match. Each and every team member played with a determination to win the match and played with great spirit.

Captains' Ball

The game of Captains' Ball is a classic, with simple rules, so even non-athletic participants could enjoy this fun sport. However, do not be fooled and think this would be easy and chill, as we all saw intenses matches played out. The players played with full concentration and energy, so if you got distracted, you could lose the game at any point .


In a game of dodgeball, you need to watch out for the balls at any time, so both all the teams had to be alert of any unexpected attacks to dodge from their opponents.We were able to see different kind of attacks and skills used by the players to succeed in winning the match.


Throughout the game, you could see the players striving really hard to score points, especially since all the teams gave a tough competition to its opponents. You could see all the player, regardless of age and gender, giving their best for the team. One can witness many spiking and blocking techniques used in this game.

Touch Rugby

This was quite a challenging game as only 2 players from each team were allowed in the ring during the match. As such, teams would constantly switch members, to ensure that everyone got a chance to score. Each match were really fast pace, and you could see the players' various skill used to win.

Many of our sponsors had also set up their booth during the event, providing discounts and giveaways for Beach Bonanza participants. Some activities on that day included Spin & Win, food stalls, Milo truck, henna, and last but not least, a free photo booth, which made our event more colorful and joyous.

With that, we come to the end of Beach Bonanza 2016. We would like to express our warm gratitude to all the participants, helpers and our sponsors.

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