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Are you a sports junkie? Or just looking for a reason to gather your friends or maybe simply looking for a challenge and loves to complete; well look no further because ICS is BACK and is coming your way real soon! Inter Collegiate Sports or known simply as ICS is one of the 8 Committees of SIM UOL student representative Council and is the first event to kick start a year full of events by the council for the entire student population.

With 4 different choices of sports to join, will your school take home the gold for all? This year, the competition starts with Dodgeball where agility, reflex and accuracy are key to success. Second, Captain’s Ball where this tests your team -coordination and how you will attack and defend for points. Third is Basketball where participants can own the court just like Stars like Kobe, more than just throwing hoops but also to win it all. Last but not least, the crowd favourite Futsal. Dribble and strike a goal in one of the World’s most well-known sport and aim to bring the prizes home.

  • What’s New This year?

This year, ICS opens its doors to all Tertiary Institutions in Singapore and invite each to represent their campus and compete to bring honour and glory back home! ICS aims to achieve the building of bonds, foster cohesiveness, good sportsmanship & also camaraderie between participants regardless of the institution they represent or derive from.

  • What can Potential Participants expect?

Participants not only will feel their hearts pumping coupled with the adrenaline rush in heat of a fierce official competition but also adhering to the years notion of “Go Hard or Go Home”. It isn’t going to be an easy fight to the top as participants will now not only face against their peers but also of others who may or may not be on home ground, of different training backgrounds

and different strategies to win. Only the strongest, swiftest and most agile of teams will be victorious and bring the title of champions of each sport back home. Also, not to forget the fantastic array of prizes to be won filled with awesome goodness and are worthwile competeing for.

Did any of the above make you itching to join? Well grab your friends form a team and start preparing ‘cause it’s going to be a tough battle to the top.

Registrations opens on 2nd October 2017 and final date of registration is 20th October 2017.

*For SIM students: A registration booth will be opened on the same days above 2nd till 20th October at Block B level 1, from 1030AM till 645PM so head on down to sign up! -There will also be prizes to be won in a lucky draw if you give us a shout and take pictures with the ICS walking Instagram board! (each picture entitled to one draw). **For Student of Other Institutions(Non-SIM) Registrations are of the same dates (2nd October till 20th October). A survey approved by SDev (Student Development) will be sent out and each team captain is to sign up and fill in the teams particulars. Team Balloting information will be sent to the respective team captains in the days leading to the event! Event Dates are as Follows: 27th October 2017 – Dodgeball 3rd November 2017 - Basketball 3rd November 2017 – Captain’s Ball 10th November 2017 – Futsal


  • Dodgeball $90/team & Early Bird $80/team

  • Captain’s Ball $90/team & Early Bird $80/team

  • Basketball $80/team & Early Bird $70/team

  • Futsal $105/team & Early Bird $90/team

Contact & Enquiries ICS representative , Kok Leong Contact number: 8717 8283

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