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City Venture 2017: Pre-Event Hype

Ever dreamt to be Katniss Everdeen or Peeta Mellark? Do you think you stand a chance to win the ultimate test of brains and brawn? Well, SIM UOL-SRC proudly presents the return of City Venture, and this year, its theme- ‘Hunger Games’ is sure to give you the chance to prove yourself.

Gather a team of 5 and show the Game Masters how high your team will score. Prove your worth and return after the games as victors showered with prizes, fortune and pride for your District(your friends).

The trials of the games will be tough, you will face blocks, frustrations will take hold and combined with the terrain, you might even get wet. Fret not, everyone will have to go through the same and this is where you and your team will have to pull together and push through for the goal!

With Singapore being the playing ground of the Game Masters, expect the unexpected. You will see the country in a whole new perspective.

What to expect?

  • A two-day one-night challenge across Singapore

  • A whole lot of running and competition

  • Each checkpoint will have a game and completed within given time limit, it gives an upper hand in the fate of the victor.

  • Forging a closer friendships, bonds and memories that come when facing extremities.

  • Prizes fit for kings for the victorious team

What to look out for

Albeit the notorious District 12 is said to be the favourite to be the winner, but will you be able to turn heads and beat the ODDS? Tributes from the different districts have started their training and planning strategies to win. Communication, technology, reflexes none are ignored. Prepare and may your Mockingjay lead you to victory. Are You Ready?

CITY VENTURE will provide you with

Your daily consumables and accommodations, so what’s there to lose? Your needs will be taken off during the event.

What is your take away?

That’s right! A story even better than hunger games.

Stronger bond with your wolf pack.

Perhaps a new life partner? Anything is Possible.

Event Days:

18th & 19th November 2017


30th October - 3rd November

SIM Block B Level 1

10:30am - 6:30pm

Team of 5 (Minimum of 2 girls)


Contact Us:

Zheng Wei - 9228 9405

Eng Yee - 9671 3893

May the odds be in your favour. _|||_

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