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Anger, stress & frustration are some of the emotions that everyone will experience from time to time. Feeling stressed from being late for classes, lack of sleep, unpredictable public transport, or even when the person walking in front keep blocking your way or the elderly degrading your choice of clothing, scoffing at the current generation’s choices.

That’s right, we, members from the student council, understand that being a Singaporean is tough and being a student just adds onto the pressure. We understand your rage, your anger and your need to release. That’s why we’re here to present you the ultimate solution “THE FRAGMENT ROOM”.

Located along the streets of Balestier, the fragment room was designed with and for such people in mind. You can smash, break, throw, hit and destroy a wide assortment of wine bottles, beer bottles, ceramic plates and glass cups using the bats that are provided to unleash the stress kept within. While you wreak havoc in the rooms, you can also blast your own music to get yourself amped up!

But before that, this is a safety warning to all you thrill seekers, don’t forget to wear covered shoes if you are planning on going! If you don’t have them, you can purchase socks at $3 and wear the shoes that are available there then suit up with their industrial overalls and start having the time of your life!

And when you are done, The Fragment Room offers you a free drink and complementary stickers to complement your new refreshed self. That is not even the best part!

That’s right folks what’s truly amazing is that The Fragment Room is now offering all SIM GE students 10% off to those of you who are in desperate need of some stress relief therapy. What better way to release that build up anger by bashing in wine bottles and ceramic plates and hearing that glorious smashing sound without a care in the world or even having to worry about cleaning up! At a discounted price!

The Fragment Room also offers up a wide selection of electronics such as DVD players, printers and for you to destroy! Different scale of destruction comes at different price. For an extra price, you and your stressed-up buddies can destroy a full industrial printer with full freedom without being judged or arrested! Not to worry the items mentioned above are usually bought over from scrap metal companies, bars and wholesale shops so that you and I can find a safer way to cope with the stress of being a university student.

For booking enquiries visit their webpage @ or

Email them at @

Operating Hours:

Monday to Sunday

1pm to 10pm


3 Balestier Road

Singapore 329671

Contact information:

+65 62911519

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