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Affordable Holiday Getaways!

Planning for a short getaway but afraid of bursting your budget? Well, as the December holidays are nearing and it is definitely the time of the year where prices of flights will increase. But fret not! There are a few places where you can travel without worrying the price of the flights, hotels as well as your own expenses because they will be still within your budget.


Malaysia, being Singapore’s neighbouring country, is the most frequent country where Singaporeans would go by, especially Johor Bahru. But why not take a trip to other places further down Johor such as Malacca or Kuala Lumpur? These places might not sound as exciting but it is definitely good places where you can take a tour around! You can walk along the streets of Jonker Street and take many aesthetic pictures, especially the red houses there! In addition, if you are an adventurous or a theme-park person, you can visit ‘Sunway Lagoon’ (Around 54 SGD) in Kuala Lumpur as it contains activities such as theme-park, swimming activities as well as adventurous activities. But of course! There are other more places for you to tour around other than the ones that are mentioned! Most importantly, it is budget-friendly for your pocket!

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Bangkok is the most popular choices for family and friends when it comes to travelling or a short trip outside of Singapore. Offering cheap destinations from eating to shopping, most travellers would find themselves enjoying there. Bangkok offers other activities other than just visiting night markets for cheap clothes (costing as low as 3-4 SGD) or finding out their recommended food (Thai milk tea less than 0.50 SGD). If you are planning to travel to Bangkok, you can try to take up something that you have never experience before, such as ‘Elephant Trekking’ (50 Baht), Dog Cafes (11 SGD), ‘Cycling Tours’ or even ‘Jungle Package’ where you can explore the greenery scenes in Bangkok. For a few days with all these activities, you just need to bring $400 - $500!

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Bali (Indonesia)

(Westin Resort Nusa Dua)

You might actually wonder why I would recommend a place like Bali, where there aren’t much activities to do there and it might bores some of you since it is not that interesting. In fact, Bali is a country where you can not only just do some mind therapy but also at the time, travel around the places to look for activities to do. Of course, the first destination that you must go is actually the beaches there for the cooling breeze and take a few pictures but I wouldn’t recommend you to splurge on those beach activities as it would be quite expensive. If you are not the ‘beach’ kind of person, then maybe you can go for a trekking at Mont Batur for the most beautiful sunrise and not to worry, the trekking route is suitable for first time trekkers! Well, if you aren’t on time for the sunrise, then fret not! You can head down to the Tanah Lot Temple for its sunset and this place is perfectly popular for photographers due to the beautiful sunset.

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One of the best places other than Bangkok for shopping would be Taiwan. Transportation, hotels, food as well as other forms of activities that require money is something not to worry about. The transportation especially buses and their ‘MRTs’ are rather cheap. You can just top up 100 New Taiwan Dollar (estimated around 4.52 SGD) can last you for about one or two days. For food wise, it is not just cheaper than Singapore (Sushi Express cost around 1.30 SGD per plate) and the serving size is worth the pricing as well. If you are planning to stay in Taiwan for around 6 days 5 nights, 600 SGD would be enough for you to tour around places over there!

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With all these recommendations at hand, hope you have a enjoyable short trip!

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