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Once again, the annual Inter Collegiate Sport’s event has come to an end. This year was unlike any other as registrations were opened to members outside the SIM Global Education universities. Over the span of 3 weeks, teams all over Singapore came to battle out in the respective sporting events namely, basketball, captain’s ball, dodgeball and futsal. Needless to say, the competition was intense. So, for those of you who missed out on the excitement, we have the highlights covered for you!

Here are the photos from SRC Media and Marketing team. You are definitely able to save your favourite photos into your computer or phones, but do remember to #ICS #M&M #SIM in your posts. Find your respective sports below!!!


27 October 2017, SIM HQ, block D, Sport multi-purpose Hall

When we think about Dodge ball, most of us would probably get a flash of how competitive we got during our Physical Education lessons. The teams that played this year really took it to another level! This year, ICS drew in National Teams that just made the whole event even more exciting and intense. The throws were accurate, the dodges were smooth and the spectators... Well, we were too afraid to be down stairs so we all had to huddle up in the gallery upstairs. Balls were flying everywhere and our hardworking helpers had to make sure no one got injured. After all the excitement, here are the top 3 winners. 2nd Runner Up is Team MMD DemiGods, 1st Runner Up is Team CMD and the Champions is Team Mavericks.


3 November 2017, SIM HQ, Block D, Sport multi-purpose Hall

Basketball, a common sports among us Singaporeans, is played widely in neighborhoods and schools by basketball lovers young and old. As such, it's inevitable that basketball, a crowd favorite event, was organised by SIM ICS committee for everyone to compete and make new friends in again. The bar was raised higher again this year. Students from University of Buffalo, University of London, Singapore Polytechnic, and many more, participated to get a taste of the competition from different schools. Getting to see players slam-dunking during their warm ups and the excitement with how close the games were truly hyped the spectators around the court. Here are our Basketball Champion Team PAJKY, 1st Runner up Team SAFSA and 2nd Runner up Team ROOKIE STAR.


3 November 2017, SIM HQ, Block D, Sport multi-purpose Hall

A sport that has always been played in our schools, whether it is primary, secondary, tertiary, it is rarely played competitively where cash prizes are at stake. With at least 2 referees, linesman and score recorder by the court, Captain’s Ball has finally been brought into a (semi) professional scene. Participants came in light-hearted; however, throughout the games, the heat intensified as teams got closer to winning the grand prize of $1,500. Let us congratulate our Captain’s Ball Champion Team: Huehuehehehaha, the 1st Runner up Team HUAT AH, and the 2nd Runner up Team 打手槍 (Pa Chu Cheng).


10 November 2017, Woodlands Recreation Centre

During the Futsal event, we saw the boys living out their FIFA dreams out on the field. Each kick was accompanied with tact and passion as the guys sweated it out to compete for the grand prize and glory. It was amazing that we were able to witness such talent and determination from the guys who were emulating their soccer heroes. The crowd went wild as they witnessed all the different techniques they recognized in the world arena. Came in first is Team SFA SPORTS, second is Team Lazy Doods and third is 2 Girls 1 Schlupp.

Every year, ICS has been trying their very best to provide the most professionally organized event for the participants within the budget that is provided. This year, ICS was finally open to all POLY and UNIVERSITY students. With that, more commitment is required by the support team. As such, this event would not have been possible without


past years feedback and the school's support. So please participate in our events every year!

Here are some valuable words from your dear participants, organizers, and helpers.

What is your greatest takeaway from his dodgeball event?

This year, ICS was open to other school, so the competition was very high. We couldn't do much to be truly competitive, but it was fun because we got to make new friends.

- Team Can’t Touch Us

Learning how to put the team together during the stress period; getting them to compose, play their game, bring their best out of the best, is very meaningful to me.

- Team captain from NUS Despacito

Is the event well-organised?

Yes, the management was as flexible as they needed to be. Some pointers to note for next year include having a shot clock for players to adjust their strategies. Despite that, this year, the referees were very professional. Basketball was really fun because the competitors really put up a fight. I will be joining next year!

-Team PAJKY, captain Polin

How did you all find out about this event? And will you join next year?

We saw the posters near Foodclique and invited each other. One of the student council members also invited us over. And we’ll participate again next year cause - why not?!


How is it like being a ICS helper?

I decided to join because I wanted to render them my assistance and also to make more friends. After a whole day of ball-picking, I feel like I’m part of the ‘home’ team although I had terrible lower body aches the next day. Overall, it was an eye-opener to be ball-picker and I’m glad that I’ve managed to help the teams to the best of my abilities.

- ICS helper Terry

What are your final words for your ICS team?

Stay strong guys, we’re always a family. We’ll always remember that we’re bonded together. None of you guys are replaceable in my heart. This is going to be my final speech to you guys, but like they say all good things has to come to an end and I wish you all the best for next year!

- ICS OIC Clive

Feedback like this proves how effective events can be in bringing people together. We hope you have a awesome time browsing this article!

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