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January 8, 2020

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November 22, 2018

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FoodHunt Post-Event

December 15, 2017



On the 25th of November, this year’s ‘Fast & Foodrious 2017’, organized by Food Hunt has come to a close. With a heavy heart we say goodbye to the event but fret not, as we will bring you a recap of the days’ events! This year, this ‘amazing race’ has came back bigger and BETTER, bringing different new and old favourite flavours including sweet, savory, spicy as well as icy for us to satisfy the taste buds! With the hype of the event drawing near, registration was filled up as fast as lightning even surpassing last year’s rate  and not to mention that, there was an increase in the number of participants joining than the year before!


For this year, there were total 14 stations located around Singapore where participants had to compete in games against other teams at the various stations in order to earn clues and gain points most prized of all, to have a chance at the delicacies before them.


Initial briefings for the participants were done in school- SIM university. After the briefing, the first task began with teams requiring to find utensils that were hidden around the school. Once the required set of utensils were found, the teams could then proceed off to a game station of their choice stated on the given clue sheet.


While the teams were tasked to go to the desired game stations, you could definitely see all the teams gleaming with tenacious spirit as they give their best effort while competing against each other for the mouth-watering meal before them.


One of the games at a station uses the concept of “ping-pong”. Requiring 4 members of a team, the first throwing the balls, the 2nd and 3rd members armed with clipboards used to pass the balls and the 4th member holds a basket to catch the balls.

How the game works is that the 1st member throws a ball to the 2nd member who hits the ball with the clipboard and passes it on the the 3rd member. The 3rd member does the same but would then have to hit the ball into the basket that the 4th member who is holding it and tries to catch it. Each ball caught in the basket counts as a point.
The reward for the game was a hearty bowl of Claypot Chicken by Lau Wang Claypot Delights.

As stated by one of the teams, “ One of the most delicious claypot chicken they have eaten”.
The sauce of the chicken was flavourful yet accompanied with just the right amount of saltiness. The chicken pieces were abundant and tender to the bite.


After clearing the required number of stations, all teams then made their way head back to school where it would be the final location for the ultimate finale game. Teams go head to head with another wearing stockings with a ball of newspaper over their heads. Teams would try to interlock their stockings with one another trying to take the stocking off the opposing team members head using the weight of the newspaper ball. Teams with points inches from each other would battle it out one last time deciding the winners and their crowning moment.



With bellies full of food and cardio since morning, the participants enjoyed and had a great time throughout the event with their teammates and treasured memories and stronger bonds were made which made everyone a winner of something priceless.


Without forgetting the organizers themselves, Food Hunt each year has always tried to give it their all to organize these events for participants by making everything no only fun and enjoyable but also affordable for everyone. Each year, they strive to best the previous year and that is key to the success of such an event- Being able to be better in the future.

For Participants, being able to travel around Singapore while having food coupled with games and challenges at the same time might be the best thing happen for a food lover and a change of pace from the routine studies and/or work.


Lastly we would like to thank and give a special shoutout to the stalls that sponsored the yummy treats for Food Hunt. Without them, this event would not have went smoothly for the committee:


  • Flavour Flings

  • Song Han Carrot Cake

  • Alati Skewers

  • Parklane Zha Yun Tun Mee House

  • Birdfolks | Chicken Joint

  • Koon Bak Kut Teh

  • Duck Rice Stall (Zhen Wang Family Restaurant)

  • Ho Huat’s Fried Hokkien Mee

  • Bobby’s Delicacies

  • Ah Tai Chicken Rice

  • High Steaks

  • Yishun Laksa

  • Takagi Ramen

  • Lau Wang Claypot Delights


In addition to the food sponsors, the school’s support and feedback received from past years event made this event better than ever.


Below are some pictures taken during the event and interview of some participants giving their word of mind if you were curious on how it was for them!




Participants thoughts and feedback


What made you feel like participating in the event?

The thing that made me sign up for this event was I personal passion to eat. Not only that, with the number enticing prizes to be won and the experiences to be gained, I felt that it would be fun to try participating in this event so, why not?


After attending this event, how do you feel about it?

I don’t actually get to remember what the food looked like as I was busy gobbling it down due to the time constraint from rushing from stations to stations. It sure was an experience. *laughs*


How do you think that this event can be improved? Please elaborate.

The routes in the event we slightly difficult to navigate to as it was quite hard to find certain stations as they were located somewhere that was not found easily. In future events, a smoother route or photo of the station would help in locating the exact location of the stations.


Any takeaways from the event?

Overall for this event, it was very tiring as we had been around Singapore since the morning. But all in all, I have gained better experiences like teamwork and fostering better bond within my friends in the group as well.


What do you like most about this event?

The thing I like the most about this event is that, I am able to travel from stations to stations to hunt for food around Singapore with my friends. They made this trip more enjoyable for me not to mention trying out new food.



Helpers’ thoughts and feedback


On a scale from 1 to 10, how successful do you think this event was and why?

Honestly, an 8. The event went smoothly with minimal hiccups. There were also no conflicts observed between the game masters, helpers and the participants. The participants adhere to all the instructions that was disseminated to them and they did not have to wait for a long period of time to play the games.

However, there was a slight problem getting the food for the teams. As the food was prepared fresh, there was a delay as the vendors had also normal customers. We felt bad at times for the normal customers as the vendor would serve us first and the wait would be around 5minutes or more for all parties. We hope this will be brought up for future events.


Which areas of the event do you think could have been better?

Some of the stalls were not played due to the time constraints and the required number of stations for the participants. They were unable to visit some stations thus leading to them to miss out on some of the tasty food that organizers have prepared for them. Also some of the areas were far away from other stations thus the participants would then have to spend more time searching for it. A closer grouping would help to solve this issue.


Do you think the participants enjoyed themselves?

Yes, I believe so. The participants understand how the game was played and did not have any dispute with the game organisers or the helpers. The participants also enjoying themselves at the game stations. They were satisfied with the steak and many say that they will come back again. The games were entertaining as well, I can say that it was a job well done.


What was some of the constraints you had faced?

I faced one major constraint during one of the games.  As my area was located near a market, there are a lot of people walking around especially when the participants are actively playing their game. They might knock into some of the passer-by that are walking around. Marking out a game zone would help reduce the collision of civilians and participants.


With these few important feedback given from the participants and helpers, organizers can make improvements for the upcoming events in the future by making it more enjoyable!


Thank you for reading, hope you had a great time reading and till the next Food Hunt comes around, Never stop the Food Hunt!


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