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January 9, 2020

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January 8, 2020

January 8, 2020

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November 22, 2018

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December 18, 2017


With a blink of an eye, City Venture 2017 has come to an end! Our brave tributes set out on a 2 Day-1 Night adventure, facing trials and challenges which were not for the faint of heart. The event took place on the 19th November to 20th November and every step of the adventure was nothing short of thrills and surprises. Tributes were tested on their mental and physical aptitudes under the scorching sun and pouring rain. It was a true testament of strength  and willpower.  An experience of a lifetime.



This arduous adventure started at home ground where each group of tributes were  given a task sheet where they would have to gain signatures from game masters by besting them in a game of rock-paper-scissors at each station. Sounds simple? That was what we thought too! Until the game masters revealed their plans which consisted of multiple methods to challenge the tributes. First of which, signatures were to be obtained in the order given to each group; coupled with the second part of the plan that the game master would only reveal their station order after being bested. Third and most jaw-dropping part of all the location of the game masters we kept in secret. This kicked started the rush of adrenaline for the tributes as they had to go around the area multiple times not just to find their correct station but also to complete their objective. After beating their final game master of the first task, each team was given a clue to their next station which began their journey across the Singapore Arena! 

For the next half of the day, tributes were set off running around the west of Singapore, trying to get to the stations on time and completing as many of them as they could. Once at the stations, they were faced with grueling tasks given by the game makers.

Under the unforgiving beams of the hot Singapore sun, tributes were left sweating,  however the heat would only kindle the fire burning in their hearts. The sheer look of determination on their faces showed how serious they were and how the heat was not even in their minds.

One of the most memorable, torturous and traumatizing stations for would be the Boon lay station where a tribute would have to  do planks while their teammates solves puzzles. In their words, it was no joke. “It was extremely exhausting where at any one time, two of our members have to be planking for the whole 20 mins, while trying to complete or solve as many puzzles as we can. ” said Terry, one of the tributes.

The second half of Day 1 was spent in the city central where the tributes faced even tougher challenges and the threat of approaching rain! The hectic evening ended with tributes looking tired and eager for the games to be over, so they could head back to the accommodations @ People Association Holiday Flat and call it a day.

Saved by the rain, the night segment was shifted to the wee hours of the following morning where tributes were all refreshed and recharged after getting a good night’s rest. Before moving out of the accommodations, Tributes had to complete tasks to secure more points for their team and with that, it was off to the East!


There were some games prepared by the devilishly clever game masters that were made to ensure that tributes would be caught off guard. For example, knocking bottles with a tennis ball tied to your head with leggings, the fastest toilet roll roller, delivery of water using spoon to a container along with many other games and puzzles. Once conquered, tributes would be rewarded with a lunch meal to regenerate their stamina and a short rest before venturing to the home stretch back at HQ- SIM University.

With the title of Victor within reach, every ounce of strength was unleashed as tributes tried their best to push.  

At the end of the day 3 teams emerged victorious.






Nevertheless, the tenacity and relentless spirit that every team displayed was a moving sight for one to see. We’re most certain that friendships fostered through the pain and suffering would surely be one tributes would never forget! We’re excited to see what’s installed for next year and who would be brave enough to take on this challenge! See you next year!


Arham, Media & Marketing senior and photographer

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