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Beach Bonanza Post-Event

Did you get your your perfect tan, because we sure did, and even some sunburns! Held at Sentosa’s Palawan Beach, this year’s Beach Bonanza 2017 has got to be the most blazing- hottest one yet. With clear skys and a sizzling beams from the sun, it was not just a competitive day for participants but also a day of bonding and having fun with their own teams. Regardless of a win or lose, participants were able to find joys in little things done on beach such as having a picnic, playing card games and having a dip in the sea. This year’s event is a composition of 4 main events namely, Frisbee, Touch Rugby, Dodgeball and Beach Volleyball, and mini carnival activities such as a photo booth, inflatable castle and more!


Winner: +3

1st Runner-up: 3girls1cup

2nd Runner-up: Breakfast

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s frisbee!! If you’ve walked past Palawan Beach on 2nd December 2017 and saw some flying saucers, you were definitely not mistaken. For the first time in Beach Bonanza history, frisbee was introduced and it was clear that people still love throwing a frisbee with a quick flick of the wrist. This sport requires superb one-to-one coordination as it requires the frisbee to be connected from the thrower to the receiver and failure to do so will result in a turnover. Between passes, attackers had to be careful of the tall interceptors from the shadows and taller defenders that could easily swoop the disc away. Who knew humans could fly?

Touch Rugby

Winner: Bellatrix

1st Runner-up: Maggie Mee

2nd Runner-up: Team

Reflexes and agility in touch rugby are almost unmatched when compared to the other sports on this list. This year’s participants displayed their need for speed and fancy gymnastic moves while steering their way through a horde of rugby ball thirsty players. These defenders did not let up either, showcasing amazing defence strategy and positioning to earn the turnover. By the end of these games, there were no short of sandy people as most attackers dive into the sand with their sweat and came out not as snowmen, but sandmen.


Winner: The Obsession

1st Runner-up: Mevericks

2nd Runner-up: MN Dribble

Dodgeball on the beach, this year comes with some additional challenges that sets it apart from the original game which is played on a hardcourt. With the sand in the way, there’s a lot of restriction to each player’s movement as the ground gets more uneven with each step taken. Movement is especially important in dodgeball as it is primarily the key to dodging balls and secondarily it aids the technique in throwing a ball. With all these difficulties in the way, we managed to observe many players dodge in style.

Beach Volleyball

Winner: Ahhhlai

1st Runner-up: Darryl

2nd Runner-up: Mai Lai

Finally, what’s a beach event without volleyball - the most iconic sport? These beach babes and hunks know their stuff and there was a “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” flow of game as the volleyball was almost always in the air with each spike saved with either a set or block from the opposing team. While height may be a huge advantage in blocking, participants lacking the height defied gravity and reached new levels of vertical jump. For us bystanders, we could only gape in awe at confident dives and the tone abs that followed. It made standing in the sun truly worth it!

Mini Carnival Activities

Beach Bonanza wasn't just about the competitions either, participants got to live out their mini wipe-out dreams with our jousting stick fights,inflatable castle dunk and strength unity speed runs!(add pics) It was a day of hot sun and bouncy fun! There was a little something for each and everyone of us. To wrap up the entire event, everyone who came down for the event walked away with sunburns that they kept for weeks and pictures they could keep forever :)

So if you think you've missed out on our awesome event be sure to keep a look out and join us next year! See you next year!!

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