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Transformers Post-Event

Transformers’ Rag-N-Bone Post-Event

Rag ‘N’ Bone, the first of a two-part event organized by Transformers, has come to an end on the 11th November 2017. As mentioned previously in the Pre-Event Hype article, the event requires participants to collect recyclables like newspapers, old clothes and etc, from the community in the neighbourhood within Sengkang-Singapore. The purpose of this event was to raise funds for the upcoming event, ‘Code of Chivalry’ a refurbishment event where participants would help clean up, repair and furnish houses of those in need. Removing of clutter and old worn out furniture before replacing any essential ones in the entire flat where the residents might need in their daily life.

The participants were first gathered at Sengkang MRT before they took the LRT to the given locations. After arriving at the neighbourhood, the participants were then briefed by the staff where instructions were given before they were dispatched into different groups.

For those who missed out on this event, below are some of the feedbacks given by the participants:

“This event has given me a sense of achievement as I felt that I have helped out someone of the community in-need. I feel happy and fulfilled that I chose to spend my weekend in this way. The fact that I spent it with my friends doing these good deeds, made it even better. My friends and I have also definitely bonded more over this event. I have also learnt to step back and be grateful for what I have.”.

“Some things for the organisers to take note of are: First was the coordination of food for participants as there were delays which took up quite a bit of time. Second, would be better communication and clarifications between organising staff members. This is due to the fact that a block was covered twice by accident which in turn annoyed some of the residents.”.

“Overall I liked that I was able to give back to the society, especially together with my friends. Being able to do this with them had definitely made this more meaningful and fun. It was also a much better way to utilise my time, instead of just staying at home. I am happy that Transformer has given me much of their time by organising such an event. Even though there were slight hiccups, I would surely join the event again in the future and encourage others to join too!.”.

This concludes the first part the event, continue reading for the second part of Transformers -Code of Chivalry!

Transformers’ Code of Chivalry Post-Event

The long awaited day had finally come. “Code of Chivalry” -this year’s Refurbishment event brought to us by UOLSRC-Transformers was the part 2 of the huge two-part plan to help those in need; the first being “Rag & Bone” which happened a month earlier. In Code of Chivalry also known as “COC” was where the fruits of labour of participants from Rag & Bone (where funds were raised) are shown.

In the wee hours on a Saturday morning, volunteers assembled at Redhill, eager to start gaining Karma points. The event started with a mass briefing by the 2IC of the Transformers Committee.

After the briefing, all teams then collected their assigned equipment and started to head out to the houses. Once at the houses, they met with the owners of the house and asked if there were anything they did not want to be changed. After getting the details needed the teams started work on the houses.

Step one was to get all the furniture out from the house in order to have an open space for cleaning and painting. With teamwork and great communication, most teams had an easy time with the initial removal of furniture even with the guidance of the home owners. Each house IC - a member of the Transformers Commitee, took account of what had been taken out and also a pictures of how the house was before the items were removed in order for an easier time putting them back after all was done. However, some teams did face some hurdles as some of the homeowners had attachments to their furniture although it was old and worn out. It took a number of coaxing and persuasion by the volunteers until they were allowed to dispose of said furnitures.

Next came the bulk of the refurbishment itself- the cleaning process which was step two. This was especially hard for the teams in some houses where the houses were worn down due to lack of cleaning as some of the residents were elderly and lived alone. One of the houses was infested with lizards, cockroaches, ants and termites. Volunteers dawned on masks and gloves and tackled these hazards head on, beginning with fumigation to kill the pests and then to spray and scrub the entire living room & kitchen before continuing to the next step. Windows covered with dirt and grime were washed and polished to state where is was barely recognizable. This not only changed the state of the windows but also brightened the entire house- from yellowish brown to white as sunlight was finally able to enter the home. Old furniture like rotting wooden chairs and chairs with termites were thrown out along with rusty pots, pans and cutlery. New replacement furniture were prepared and were ready to be installed once it was time. Some houses had walls covered in mould and it took extra effort from participants to scrape it off.

Step three, painting, and lots of it. From the walls to ceilings to the doors, all of it were given a fresh new coat of paint. There were some walls which had cracks and crumbling old layer of paint. These walls were given extra care and had to be patched up with wall putty before being painted over. As teams waited for the first layer of paint to dry, lunch was served. The painting would only end when a second layer and/or even a third layer had been applied. By this time, the end point would be near and the final part of bringing in the furniture, installing new ones and final touch ups like wiping, sweeping and mopping were left.

With the houses completely painted, the final step, step four was next. All furniture brought out were returned to the original positions. These items which had dust on them had all been washed and wiped before placing them back. New beds, fans, wardrobes, shoe-racks and tables were brought in to replace the old ones. The faces of the home-owners gleamed with joy as they see the new furniture being brought in. Some even broke down in tears as they had never been given a change of furniture in a long time. This had a significant impact for the volunteers as this made them even more proud to be doing what they were doing and being reminded that its not only for the karma points but also to better the lives of those in need that are not as fortunate as you or I.

At the end of the day, with all the houses completed, all volunteers were treated to a nice, well-deserved buffet dinner. The meal was a sign of reward for all the effort put throughout the day facing each challenge presented to them including the rain that hampered some teams. Goodie bags were also given out from the Transformers committee to every participant as a token of appreciation to all. That ended the day of good deeds by the many volunteers and we look forward to the next refurbishment the following year!

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