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City Venture Post-Event 2018

City Venture 2018 has ended with a BANG! A suicide squad twist was added into the two-day one-night amazing race, from the 24th November to 25th November. Our CVillains battled against challenging obstacles to clinch the top prize.

The race flagged off with a myriad of games from the West, after the CVillains drew lots to decide their fate on which stations they would start from. The strenuous race then made the participants route their way to the East side of Singapore, facing interesting games like Remove the Bomb, Puzzle Maniac, Triple Trouble and Make or Break.

After a hearty dinner of salted egg chicken and curry fish, food coma begun to kick in, as our weary CVillains continued with their night mass game.

The 12 teams were split into 3 groups of 4 and the goal of the night game was for a team to successfully take the other team’s bottles, while protecting their bottles and the plastic sashes they were wearing.

The second day began with our participants hanging onto their dear lives, with some changing their mindset about the race - where instead of focusing on winning, they chose to enjoy the remaining portion of the race, with intriguing games such as Riddler’s Challenge, Hitman All, and Rush Hour.

With a brilliant and intense race around Singapore, the suicide squad edition City Venture has finally come to an end and here are the 3 amazing victors!

Team No Strikes No Rounds (2nd Runner Up)

I don’t know what they told you but I guess they are some hitmen that come together, since Team No Strikes No Rounds won the cash prize of $300 from SIM, tote bags from Fila, Pampering Facials sessions from Sense De Belle and membership from Equilibrium Mixed Martial Arts!” (In bold - Quote by Deadshot in Suicide Squad)

Team WeLoveDom (1st Runner Up)

I can’t wait to show you my toys as Team WeLoveDom said! They received prizes worth more than $10,000 which includes a cash prize of $500 from SIM, along with Fila Waist Bags, gaming sessions at Sandbox VR and spa sessions at Skin Retreat!” (In bold - quote by Joker in suicide squad)

Team 跑吧孩子 3.0 (1st)

I guess they are the bad guys and it’s what they do best, since Team 跑吧孩子 3.0 clinched the first prize worth more than $17,000 which includes a cash prize of $1,500 from SIM and Prudential along with backpacks from Fila and Porter, cosmetic products from Yens Hair Salon, along with smashing sessions at The Fragment Room!” (In Bold - quote from Harley Quinn in suicide squad)

“ Wasn’t easy being the best was it? Unhappy with your results? Join us again next year MUAHAHAHAHAHA “ - Joker

Here is the interview portion with our fellow organisers, helpers and CVillains for the amazing events.


Q: What do you like and dislike about this event ?

A: Likes- Day games were fun, it would’ve been great to be informed that we could leave our bags in school before the event.

Dislike - route was based on luck unlike previous years where we played a game to determine starting destination.


Q: What can be improved on? A: There’s a lot of miscommunications so participants were very confused as to what they could or couldn’t do. Rewards and penalty could be enforced for punctuality and lateness respectively.

-Jing Wei

Q: What's your strategy to this event?

A: Running all the way for every station, setting goals for each sector. Making sure we are always one station ahead or at least being par with other teams.


Q: Overall experience?

A: It was a very fruitful experience. Making tons of new friends and bonding with my teammate. Felt that time management and communication could be involved more actively.

-Jing Wei


Q: What motivates you as a helper?

A: I wanted to help out in the game and make the game as fun as possible for the participants.


Q: What kind of difficulties do you face?

A: The games at my station has a high level of difficulty to be completed so it was kind of hard to make the participants feel motivated. Some participants were too demanding and attempt to find loopholes and they tend to cut us off while we were explaining the rules. Conveying the rules in a clear and quick manner.

-Lois, Shicheng, Songming, Amanda


Q: How did the organiser find out about these location?

A: We used MRT station as reference and personally went down to the locations to scout for areas with large space and lightning shelter.

Q: What are the challenges faced while planning for these event and how did you solve it?

A: My game station received many different feedbacks and I had to change my game completely at a last minute notice. However, I followed suggestions given and came up with another proposal in a day. Problem was solved with further fine tuning.

Q: What do you think can be done better?

A: Take the initiative to communicate better and find out problems beforehand so everyone would have more time to resolve the various problems that surfaced.

-Angie (Progs IC)

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