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January 9, 2020

January 8, 2020

January 8, 2020

January 8, 2020

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ICS Post-Event 2018

November 22, 2018

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FoodHunt Post-Event 2018

Tasting delicious food is one of the many pleasures in life. If you are a foodie, I’m sure you will enjoy reading this article! If you’re not, take this opportunity to discover great food around our city!


Feeling excited? So were our participants, as they embarked on their journey around Singapore to locate as many food stalls as possible. Between food stations, the teams of 5 will have to complete challenges and games which then allow them to gobble away at a food portion sponsored by the food stall. They will be awarded with points for winning the games and completing food stations, which would ultimately determine the Champion of FoodHunt 2018.

Before the race began, our participants gathered for a brief, to take note of important rules that they would have to follow throughout the race. These rules and regulations are implemented to ensure that the integrity of the competition is not compromised, as well as to look out for the participant’s safety.

The first segment of the day was a mass game which was held in the compounds of SIM. Teams would had to search for the event crew members, who hid themselves around school, in order to obtain clues to their first objective. While some teams struggled in finding the crew members, others were luckier and were soon on their way to locate their first meal of the event.

In the West, our food enthusiasts were thrilled to find a great variety of food, ranging from Chinese to Japanese to Western. Judging from their expressions while tasting the food, it is safe to say that it was worth the trip.

Bowl Chap, a Japanese hawker stall set up by two young Singaporeans serves affordable, yet flavourful Japanese rice bowls. The mixture of the sauce with the mayonnaise and the onsen egg brings out the goodness in the pearl rice. The chicken is nicely fried, crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside. This dish is a must-try for Japanese rice bowl lovers, especially those who have a sweet and savoury palate.

(503 W Coast Dr #01-80 Food Centre Singapore 120503)


Grillwerkz, is in a coffee shop along the residences of dover HDBs. Those living in the area must be blessed as the food served is amazing. They serve various types of meat, mainly chicken, pork and duck. The chicken chop is tender, juicy, and cooked to just the right amount. Although the pork is slightly drier, it is as flavourful as the chicken chop. The bacon is nicely charred, making it very crispy and savoury. Not forgetting their smoked duck, which has a nice, chewy texture, with a lingering smoky fragrance. Besides their meat, Grillwerkz also serves really good fries that have a nice crunch yet are not too salty.

(28 Dover Cresent Singapore 130028 7 Stars Coffee Shop)


You Peng Fresh Mian Jiao Zi Guan, is a Chinese dumpling stall on the top level of beauty world. If what you are craving is some delicious steamed dumplings on a cold rainy day, this is the place to go. The piping hot Xiao Long Bao will make you feel warm without fail. Despite the skin of the Xiao Long Bao being a little too thick, the soup, inside the dumpling is commendable. Anyone who loves Xiao Long Bao will know that the soup is the essence of the dumpling, and not only is the soup very flavourful, the soup to meat ratio is also just right. If you happen to be in the area, take the chance to make your belly feel happy.

(104 Upper Bukit Timah Road #04-23 Singapore 588177 Beauty World Centre)

Upon arrival at the North side of Singapore, our participants’ efforts have paid off as their taste buds are being greeted by a taste of familiarity. Not only are the dishes served in this area appealing to the sense of taste, it brings a homely feeling to the participants.

Chao Zhou Minced Meat Noodle is a stall that you have got to visit if you love noodles. The noodles of the Bak Chor Mee Pok are cooked to perfection, being chewy and springy. This brings out the taste of the chili sauce, making you want to ask for more. The minced meat is of a good amount and goes especially well when mixed thoroughly with the chili. The texture of the fishball is great, not to mention that it tastes fresh and delicious.

(Block 203 Toa Payoh North Singapore 310203)


Seng Heng Family Restaurant sells great Yong Tau Foo. If you’re craving for a hot bowl of soup, be sure to visit Seng Heng Family Restaurant. Not only does the Yong Tau Foo taste great, it carries the taste of a home cooked meal. The soup is light but savoury and goes extremely well with rice or noodles for a whole meal. The dishes served are fresh, affordable, and leaves u satisfied with a filled belly.

(Block 925 Yishun Central 1, #01-235 Singapore 760925)


Hong Ji Bah Herbs Bah Kut Teh can be found in Marsiling Drive Singapore 730006. Although it might not be the only place you can find bak kut teh, I promise that it will be worth it to visit the north for this stall. The blend of the herbs was exquisite making the broth delicious. Also, the meat on the ribs are tender and flavourful. Overall, Hon Ji Bah Herbs Bah Kut Teh has a well balance in flavours and you’d be doing yourselves a disservice if you don’t head down to taste its greatness, especially on a rainy day.

(19 Marsling Ln Singapore 730019)

Missing local delight? Well, our participants surely didn’t feel the same way as the made their way to the East of Singapore. While they made sure to score lots of points playing the games, they definitely did not forget about enjoying the local dishes that they might have grown up eating.

Pin Xiang Chicken Rice, located at Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, those passing by should take the opportunity to try this fabulous plate of chicken rice. Not only is the chicken juicy and tender, its main selling point is its fragrant and tasty rice. Furthermore, the soup that comes with the plate of chicken rice is flavourful and is more than just a bowl of MSG seasoning. It is said that other than the fragrance of the rice, the thing that differentiates a good chicken rice from a mediocre one is its chilli. The chili that this stall serves has a nice touch to it and helps to bring out the best flavour in the plate of chicken rice.

(#01-01, Interchange Hawker Centre Singapore 462208)


Eng’s Wanton Mee, this cozy eatery can be found along the streets of Tanjong Katong. Some may think that this shop might out of the place, but it is definitely worth the time and effort. For its affordable price, you cannot ask for anything better. The noodles are springy and chewy. Consume it together with the char siew and your taste buds will be in for a delighted surprise. The char siew is sweet, savoury and nicely sliced. Not forgetting about the wantons, they have a good amount of filling making them flavourful as you savour the taste of the minced meat and vegetables.

(287 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437036)


5 Star Corner Western Food is established in the hearts of hougang. If what you love is a good plate of fish and chips, 5 Star Corner Western Food is a place you should definitely visit. It comes with baked beans and some coleslaw which tastes pretty good and compliments the fish and chips well. The chips are nicely fried, crispy and not lacking in seasoning.With a nice golden batter surrounding the perfectly marinated fish, it brings out the sweetness in the fish, creating a delicious combination of sweetness and flavour from the batter. Put everything together and you get a meal that you should really not miss.

(805 Hougang Central Singapore 530805)


As the saying goes, there’s always room for dessert. Surely our participants of the FoodHunt 2018 event felt the same way. After a tiring day of competing against one another and tasting lots of savoury food, a change in taste is certainly refreshing. As they arrived in the Central district, a sweet change awaited our participants.

Arung K truly captures the essence of what a good plate of grilled chicken should be. One may even argue that it tastes just like how it’s like in Indonesia. The mark of a good Nasi Ayam Pangang - to us at least - is the perfect blend between the sweet (yet spicy) soy sauce and the chargrilled flavour of a juicy chicken thigh. Did Arang K check all these boxes? Definitely. What was most impressive was how the chicken remained succulently juicy, despite it being chargrilled. Usually, it is difficult to prevent chicken from turning dry, when cooking it in such a manner. Arang K manages to avoid that situation, giving you this addictive feeling when you eat chicken that satisfy all you savoury cravings.

(100 Tras Street Singapore 079027 100AM Mall Koufu)


Cream and Custard is a dessert shop located just along the outskirts of Tanjong Pagar. When we first heard we were going to try a watermelon cake, we automatically thought that it was gonna be an extremely sweet and intense piece of cake. To our surprise, the cake was not as sweet as we had imagined. The cake we had the pleasure to try, finely balanced the sweet and soft textures of a good cake in essence. It has a light flavour and the fresh slice of watermelon in the between the two layers of cake makes the entire dish refreshing - especially on a hot day.

(70 Shenton Way, Eon Shenton Singapore 079118 #01-23)


The Tiramisu Hero, as the name suggests, sells incredibly good tiramisus! The tiramisu is fluffy, airy but intense in flavour. The caffeine heaty flavour did not overpower the creamy and sweetness of the tiramisu. It has a pretty large portion and is more than enough to be shared with your loved one. If what you enjoy is relaxing in a lovely contemporary atmosphere while having your taste buds satisfied, be sure to check this place out as it provides an oasis from the bustling activities happening in the busy area.

(121 Trywhitt Road Singapore 207548)


Yeogi.Mogo, a cool korean restaurant, had a truly well-cooked rosti that was both hearty and savoury. Just when you think a well-cooked rosti was appetising enough, Yeogi Mogo adds a layer of cheese infused within the rosti. That simple yet ingenious addition, brought the rosti to a whole new level because not only do you enjoy the saltiness of fried potatoes, but the creaminess and savouriness of cheese as well. We recommend diners to have this dish to-share (unless of course you want to enjoy it entirely by yourself). The experience is elevated further when you share the flavours of the dish with someone else. There will be a collective agreement the rosti is really really, good.

(12 Kim Keat Road #01-01 Singapore 328841)


After an adventurous day across Singapore in search of great dishes to share with their loved ones, our participants make their way back to SIM as they await the announcement of lucky draw prizes, and more importantly, the winners of FoodHunt 2018. Despite being tired, our participants were in high spirits as they shared with other teams about their experience throughout the day and the adversities that they faced.


Ultimately, the time to announce the winning teams had arrived, teams Dian Deng Pao, 我会吃,你白痴, and BOBO not only enjoyed an entire day of delicious food, they also took home the titles of champion, first runner up and second runner up respectively of FoodHunt 2018. As night falls, our participants packed their belongings and head back to get some well-deserved rest after a long day of pushing their body to its limits, especially their stomach.

In First Place, Team Dian Deng Pao


Won Prizes which includes $1500 cash prize and 5 microwaves from EuropAce

Our First runner up, Team 我会吃,你白痴


Won prizes which includes $700 cash prize and 5 juicers from EuropAce

Our second runner up, Team BOBO


Won prizes which includes $400 cash prize and 5 electric kettles from EuropAce.

(Group Photo)


The FoodHunt Organising Committee would like to thanks X-mini, EuropAce, Ant Couriers, Tokyo Marine, Smashsports, SIM and all their sponsors.



Below is the interview portion with our fellow organisers, helpers and participants for this amazing event.


Q: Why did you join this event?

A: For the food and to be with my group of friends !!


Q: What do you like and dislike about this event ?

A: I like the food!! The food were greats. Dislike: the flow of the event were quite messy as there were too much of travelling back and forth to the same place. it would be better if they allow us to skip stations if we are not intending to win.


Q: What would be your favourite food and segment?

A: Chicken rice at Bedok!! And when receiving our goodies pack.


Q: What can be improved on ?

A: The helpers could be more friendly to the participants. Also there's too much of travelling back and forth.  (E.g east to west then to east again)


Q: What's your strategy to this event ?

A: At first when we were intending to win we were rushing and gobbling down our food. After that we just chill and relax and enjoy the process of games and food.


Q: Overall experience

A: Great experience. Found out alot of new foodie places and definitely will join back this event again next year.


- Jing Wei,  Sherlyn, Marielynn



Q: What motivated you as a helper ?

A: I signed up as a helper to help out a friend and also to have a close friend of mine assigned to the same station to make the games more fun !!


Q: What kind of difficulties/constraint do you face ?

A: The lack of manpower. Each one of us is suppose to be in charge of one team and that’ll mean quite a bit of multitasking. For my station, I had to time the total duration, time intervals and give out instructions while handling the game toy.


- Kitty



Q: How did you find out about these locations?

A: By asking for recommendation from friends and from stalls the members have visited before.


Q: What are the challenges you faced while planning for this event and how did u solve it?

A: Finding sponsorship as it was needed to fund the prize money. Giving out instruction as clearly as possible to the participants and also planning for the routes. Got to accommodate the routes for both participants and stall owner to ensure there will always be people at the stalls.


Q: What do u think can be improved on ?

A: Past year AAR could be past down to the current batch when planning for the event. So we can know about the feedback from previous event and improve on it.


-Darren (Progs)





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