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Beach Bonanza Post-Event 2018

As the year 2018 approaches an end, let’s take a quick look back at how SIM-UOL SRC kicked started the year end party with their annual Beach Bonanza event down at Palawan Beach Sentosa! With the high sunlit clouds drifting across the clear blue sky and the waters glistering invitingly, it was the perfect setting for a day of just chilling by the beach but let’s not forget the true core of the event. That’s right, competitive sports! This year’s event was a composition of 4 main events namely, Touch Rugby, Frisbee, Captain’s Ball and Dodgeball. But that wasn’t all! Away from the intensity of the games, under the shade of a long white tent, there were mini, and less intense, carnival games and an adorable pop up photo-booth that individuals could enjoy as well! Upon registration, enthusiastic participants were already warming up for the sports that they had signed up for. You can see Frisbees flying around and participants leaping to catch them. Teams huddling together to go through their game plan one last time and preparing themselves for their respective games. Balls being flung up in the air with more tenacity than accuracy but hey, got to get those bad throws out before the event kicks off. Before the official kick-off, participants had to gather to at their respective courts for the Captain’s briefing to make sure that the rules were clear to them and most importantly safety hazards that they had to take note of. With the sounding of whistles, the games officially commenced!

Touch Rugby

Winner: Team Touch My Ballz 1st Runner-up: Team The Hunter 2nd Runner-up: Team Maggie Mee Touch Rugby, a team sport that is energy packed and requires you to be fast in order to win! With agility and tenacity, each team of five players did their very best to keep the Rugby ball in possession while trying to swiftly avoid the opposing team’s blocks. Their never-say-die attitude carried the winning team to victory as they fought their way to the top. It was a close match yet not an easy win for the winner. Nevertheless, all the participants gave their very all on the court by advancing humbly and accepting defeat accordingly. In the end, Team Touch My Ballz emerged as the winner for Touch Rugby!


Winner: Team 黑色

1st Runner-up: Team 4guys3girls 2nd Runner-up: Team Disclocated Only introduced last year, Frisbee was back by popular demand! The vivacious players had their game faces on and you could tell they were ready to prove themselves worthy opponents on the court. They were leaping and diving, running and throwing and more diving on the hot sand that felt a little scalding on bare feet but that didn’t seem to slow any participants down! They were completely unfazed by the sun’s unforgiving heat. The participants fought well but, in the end, Team 黑色 emerged as the winner for Touch Rugby!

Captain’s Ball

Winner: WoofWoof 1st Runner-up: Team Play 4 Fun 2nd Runner-up: Team Shuhui 臭臭 We all remember playing Captain’s Ball in our school halls and parade squares back when we were required to wear a uniform to school every day. Well, this was nothing like it. This was a whole new level of intense. Playing on uneven grounds made it a lot harder to manoeuvre around as compared to back in the school halls. For the first time, Captain’s Ball was introduced to Beach Bonanza 2018, a simple game that almost everyone remembers from their childhood. Much like the team name of our winners- Team Play 4 Fun, a sport like Captain’s Ball can be said to be widely remembered as that. All the elements of competitive and bonding mixed into one fun game.


Winner: Team Midget Mafia Dodgers 1st Runner-up: Team Juggernaut 2nd Runner-up: Team IGNITERS Dodging in style as the ball drags up sand behind the participants, we witness an unconventional court for a sport traditionally played on the court. It was very intense as participants had laser focus on the balls that their opponents were flinging at them, trying to avoid them and at the same time, looking for that window to catch them. Helpers and spectators couldn’t help but keep their eyes peeled as well. You can hear the woos and the ahhs as the balls hit participants at the slightest angles that you yourself didn’t think was possible. But when the referee blows that whistle, participants who got knocked out can only bow their head, take that defeat and pray that their teammates would be able to tag them back in. In the end, Team Midget Mafia Dodgers emerged winners!

Unfortunately, the clear skies didn’t last throughout the whole day. As the event was coming to an end, ominous black clouds covered the sky signalling an oncoming shower. Participants grabbed this opportunity to head over to the tents where carnival games like Ring Toss was there and took sometime to take snapshots with their teammates. People were snagging the last few free ice cream sticks leftover that were graciously sponsored by Fastjobs and those who were taking a ride on the Electronic scooter sponsored by Telepod had to come back with a heavy heart before they were caught in the oncoming downpour. Teams who were done with the games could finally enjoy the food available. Food vendors like Fish Sh-nack sold piping hot Japanese Donburi and Nasty Cookie, selling chunky and crunchy cookies were available for all! So, with the rain wrapping up Beach Bonanza 2018, we are wrapping up with the comments we got from this year’s event. We hope you had a blast! Till next year!


Q: How was Beach Bonanza for you? (e.g good points / areas of improvement) / What were you expectations for your team? (e.g any strategies/ prior training) A: It was very organised, similar to ICS but set at the beach. The weather was good and there was sufficient amount of breaks between games. We would want to come back to Beach Bonanza as helpers to try out a different perspective. There should have been more carnival-like food and drinks that are affordable as it's hard to get food there. - Shanyu and Kaavya, Captain Ball participants A: I really enjoyed the event in general! Even though it rained nearing the end of the event, I really had fun playing my favourite sport at the beach. I felt that the event was run smoothly and it was a success. We didn't really have any strategies but focused more on having fun actually. - Natasha, Touch Rugby participant (Winner)

A: Overall, it was a well planned event. There weren't any hiccups in the flow of the dodgeball event. However, I felt that there was a lack of ball pickers as there was no rotation of the helpers and all of them were standing in the sun for the whole day till the event ended. For my team, we went in with the mentality of gaining more experience playing with external teams. We aimed to at least qualify for quarterfinals. - Weiyee , Dodgeball participant

Q: How was the planning and execution of Beach Bonanza? Were there any difficulties faced, and how did you and your team solved the problem? A: Besides the wet weather being an inevitable problem for our event, I felt that the entire organising committee did their assigned roles well and was very proactive when any other problems arises. With the aid of our helpers and committee members, we managed to quickly clear up the courts, calculate the top 3 winners for each sports, and wrap up the event, before the rain got any heavier. - Charmaine, Organiser

A: During the planning phase, there were some miscommunication and progress was still rather slow. After problems were clarified with the seniors, work got much smoother and we started to pick up our pace to meet the deadlines especially for the marketing and sponsor end as time was really quite tight. The sponsor team did a really great job even though it was not easy especially since they can take awhile to reply and back out anytime. Regardless we are thankful for them and the sponsors.

When it came to promoting our event, it was another challenge. Especially when we had to head to other schools to promote. There was this phase of uncertainty as the students seemed unreceptive when we tried to promote Beach Bonanza. But our efforts paid off as we started to get more enquiries of the sign up process through our instagram and finally the turn up at our event. Also wet weather was a concern cause if it rained, our event would be cancelled. There were some wet weather plans but we still prayed for good weather.

Execution for the event was rather smooth. The setting up of the courts were done very quickly. Thankfully the sun was out on event day except towards the end there was lightning alert and the finals for the sports could not be played. Sadly there was a call that the games would end and the scores would be tabulated to determine the winner. It was a good foresight on the IC side as it started to rain heavily after the announcement was made.The committee members were also quick to pack up everything before the rain.

Overall the event was a success and every member had a part to play to attribute to the success.

-Si Feng, Organiser

A: I think it’s quite impossible to not face any difficulties during planning phase. One notable issue is the time taken for the external parties to reply my team. It's inevitable to completely overcome this issue. However, my team would start their work early and set a deadline. Consistent reminders to the external parties have helped my team to complete their objectives faster. Such measures were practiced to make sure that we are not behind in time. During execution phase, there were several issues surfaced. The event started slightly later than planned. It was a little worrying at the start, however we worked around the buffer time. During quarter-finals, we managed to get back on track. As our event is shaped to be more competitive, its inevitable to have some intense plays. There were a few teams who got heated up and got into arguments. Luckily my team were able to resolve and calm them down. Furthermore, there were more members of my team stationed themselves around the playing field to ensure the teams to not get offensive. Nearing to the finals, the weather started to look quite bad. Shortly after, there were lightning alerts. It was a tough decision to make whether to finish the finals or stop the games as it was and tabulate the scores. In the end, i considered safety first and went ahead the latter option. Overall, i think my team did pretty well in terms of both planning and execution phase. - Alvin, Organiser (Overall-In-Charge) Q: Why did you volunteer as a helper and how was your overall experience? (e.g Were there any difficulties faced, how were they resolved?) A: I volunteered to help my friend and I wanted to learn about a new sport. Initially, since we were all very new to the sport, communication with the referee was a little confusing as we did not understand - thus so in terms of referees has to give very clear instructions for score keeping. but after awhile and clarification about certain signals etc it was okay - Ru Xin, Tough Rugby helper A: I’ve joined as a volunteer because my friends are part of the organizing committee therefore I wanted to support them. It was a fun experience even though the weather was torturous. One difficulty that I found for being a dodgeball helper is that the balls are thrown out of the court very frequently, thus it’s was quite a tiring job to pick up the balls. However, it was thrilling to watch the teams compete with each other win the match. - Wan Ting, Dodgeball helper

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