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Transformer Rag & Bone Post-Event 2019

“Charity begins at home, but should not end there.” -Thomas Fuller

Do you ever have to worry about not being able to afford even just a single meal every day? We may not realise it, but many people around us do not have the luxury to live our everyday life.

‘Rag and Bone’ is the first of a two-part event organised by SIM-UOL ‘Transformers’ Committee. They aimed to raise funds for their home refurbishment project which is planned to take place later in the SRC work year timeline. The committee recruited the help of over 300 volunteers to go door to door within the vicinity of Bukit Batok and Bukit Gombak to collect recyclables, which would then be sold for funds for the home refurbishment.

On 26th November at precisely 0830hrs, the hearty volunteers gathered in the heart of Bukit Batok to begin their quest. Covering an estimated total of 325 blocks and 35,000 units in Bukit Batok and Bukit Gombak the volunteers collected recyclables such as newspapers, clothing and electronic appliances. They were then carried down to the void decks of each apartment block before being loaded onto the collection trucks. In spite of the pouring rain, the volunteers managed to cover all the allocated blocks and collected a total of 18,692 kg worth of recyclables, which translates to an estimation of more than $5,500, putting an end to a long yet fulfilling day of hard work.

Germaine (Transformers 2IC, picture left):

“‘Rag and Bone’ was an opportunity to bring together like-minded individuals to raise funds to refurbish our seniors’ homes. In our fast-paced environment, we rarely stop and think about how we can give back to society. With our volunteers, we managed to clear around 35000 units along Bukit Batok and Bukit Gombak.

Through the rain and sweat, a simple task of going door-to-door to collect the newspapers was an arduous task. Yet, the smiles and mini conversations with the residents perked up the spirits of everyone. Our ICs of the different groups did not complain despite the storming wet weather and communicated seamlessly with their volunteers and respective area ICs. We coordinated the movement of logistics seamlessly and the teamwork I saw in everyone warmed my heart. The lethargic yet explosive contentment and happiness from a successful Rag and Bone and the prior weeks of planning left us with an even stronger bond as a committee. As we all left our footprints not only along those corridors but also in the hearts of the residents, we are all thankful for the amazing weekend.”

Listed below are some feedback from the volunteers:

Qui Rong:

“The event was enjoyable but tiring at the same time. It also served as a platform for us to bond with our friends, as well as make new friends. It was a beneficial event as the old newspapers and clothes we collected could be exchanged for financial incentives to refurbish the houses of the needy. Overall, it was a worthwhile experience.”


“The overall event was meaningful and fun. I am very thankful for this opportunity to forge new friendships and to give back to the community at the same time.”

Wan Xuan:

“The event was well coordinated and was well reciprocated from the residents. I would partake in the event again next year!”


“I think that the event, in general, was very well-planned and meaningful. It was a good opportunity for us, as SIM students, to come forth and help the less fortunate.”

H. Jackson Brown Jr. once said, “The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more”. Overall, the participants felt satisfied knowing that they are doing their part in giving back to the community. With that, ‘Rag and Bone’ 2019 was a success and we look forward to the home refurbishment.

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