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A Pawsitive You

A Pawsitive You is an event organised by SIM-UOL’s Student Initiatives Committee. They collaborated with 2 organisations dedicated to the welfare of Singapore’s many street dogs, namely – SoSD and F7. SoSD is a volunteer-run dog shelter and its purpose is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome strays to provide them with the care and love that they deserve. F7 on the other hand was started in 2013 as three individuals with the mission of rehoming 7 rescued dogs then. Over the years, they have managed to rehome over a total of more than 50 doggies and are still on the quest of rehoming more.

The event was well-received as there were over 100 participants. There were a total of 7 dogs from both organisations (SoSD and F7). Each participant had to queue up to get to interact with the dogs and they were given a limit of 10 minutes due to the high demand and huge intake of participants. Many of the participants were seen having an enjoyable time playing with the dogs despite the time limit. Thankfully, the dogs were able to interact well with the participants. The organisations also set up booths to share information about stray dogs and shelter, as well as to sell merchandise. There was also a photobooth for participants to take photos after interacting with the dogs.

Feedback from participants:

Q: What do you think of this event?

A: I think this event is very fun! It was worth queueing up to play with the dogs. The dogs were also friendly and don’t bite even though they seem to be very old.

Q: How do you think this event can be improved?

A: I suggest that the organisers put up a mini stall where they sell dog food and participants can buy them and feed the dogs. This can make interactions with the dogs more enjoyable and create a deeper bond with the dogs. It will also give people more incentives to participate.

Q: Would you still partake in this event next year? If so, why?

A: Yes! I personally love dogs but I do not have any dogs at home. Also the on-campus location is very convenient. I can just come down to join this event during my class break or when it ends.

Feedback from Janelle (OIC) and Jerral (2IC) of SI 2019/2020:

Q: What is the purpose of this event?

Jerral: This event serves to promote volunteerism in the stray dog society. We hope to encourage people to adopt stray dogs and give the dogs a home.

Janelle: We hope that this event can help students unwind their stress from studying and make use of their classes/studying break to do something fun and meaningful.

Q: What are some of the challenges faced when planning and executing this event?

Janelle: Initially, we wanted to include only one organisation but they could be at our event for 2 hours. We had to quickly find one more organisation to fill up our 6 hours event. Also, communication was a huge challenge. We had to liaise with them but sometimes it is hard to reach out to them and get a prompt reply through email. Since I’m a direct person liaising with both the organisations at the same time, miscommunications can easily happen as both the organisations had different working styles.

Overall, participants were satisfied and this event was concluded successful.

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