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ICS eSports 2019

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” - Wayne Gretzky

Inter-Collegiate Sports’ is back at it again with their annual competition. For the first time ever, ICS held Ultimate Frisbee as well as eSports! Not to forget Captain’s Ball which was brought back from last year. These games were spread out over a span of 3 weeks and the competition was fierce! If you had missed out on the hype of the games, fret not, as here are some of the highlights we will breakdown for you guys!


This is the first time ICS held an eSports tournament! And what better way to start it off than to host a game of League of Legends. For those who are unfamiliar, League of Legends is a 5 versus 5 multiplayer online battle arena. A game with tons of skills and strategy involved, the teams have to fight their way through the map until one team destroys their opponent’s enemy base. From the 19th till the 21st of November, the teams needed the mental and physical stamina to secure a spot to compete in the finals for a chance to win the grand prize. At the start of the match, the teams have to carefully choose which champions the opponents are not allowed to play and work around with whatever champions they are left with. With all that said, 9 teams and 49 participants but there could only be 1 champion team.

Thank you Bountie Arena and Redbull for sponsoring this event!

A huge shout out to the Top 3 teams!

1st: weirdchamps

2nd: where got time

3rd: Team China

Feedback from the Participants:

Q: How was your overall experience with the games?

A: It’s something unique, can do this again next year. Need more teams

- Fuperion

A: Computers are good, got discord preset, attend to computer issues very fast, good manpower

- China no. 1

A: Smooth experience without any problems and schedule was on time, equipments and communication was great. However, it would have been better if there were more games played per bracket instead of just 1 game for qualifiers

- Infinity

Q: Would you recommend your friends to participate if there was an event similar to this next year?

A: Yes

- Infinity & Team China

Some words from Yvonne, 2IC of ICS 2019/20…..

Q: How did you feel the eSports event turned out?

A: As the pioneering batch of ICS to hold an esports tournament, the entire planning to the execution itself was definitely not an easy process with many doubts and uncertainties along the way. This 3-day event was not only a physical challenge to all our members but mentally as well in order to stay sharp and anticipate any unforeseen situations. Thankfully, the event turned out better than expected considering the fact that it was everyone’s first. We also have our venue sponsor, Bountie Arena, to thank for allowing us to hold the first 2 days of our event at their Gaming Arena and also sponsoring us their gaming chairs for our tournament finals on Day 3 where it was held in school. All of us are definitely inexperienced but I’m glad that with everyone’s hard work the past few months, we managed to set a satisfactory precedent for future batches to improve on and also further explore into the esports field.

Q: Any words for your ICS team

A: Thank you guys for putting in your best efforts to ensure our events’ success!!! Please know that our events (past & future) will not be how it is if not for everyone’s effort. No matter which subcommittee you’re in & what role you’re given, every single one of you matters & is crucial to ICS. Without any one of you, ICS 2K19 would not be what it is!! We have a short work year so let’s all press on & work together for the remaining time we have left :’)

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