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ICS Ultimate Frisbee 2019

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” - Wayne Gretzky

Inter-Collegiate Sports’ is back at it again with their annual competition. For the first time ever, ICS held Ultimate Frisbee as well as eSports! Not to forget Captain’s Ball which was brought back from last year. These games were spread out over a span of 3 weeks and the competition was fierce! If you had missed out on the hype of the games, fret not, as here are some of the highlights we will breakdown for you guys!

Ultimate Frisbee

Another game that ICS is holding for the first time this year, Ultimate Frisbee will test one’s mental stamina and athletic endurance. On the 25th of November, 48 participants and 5 teams gathered at Turf City to compete against one another for the top prize. This is not your standard toss-and-catch game. The competition was intense. With every team having their own ‘Star Players’, the competition was definitely taken to the next level. Many high-level plays and team effort were displayed in the competition until the last team standing. Despite the unforgiving weather, the teams still fought fiercely against one another while displaying a high level of sportsmanship. In the end, only the best teams could prove themselves worthy of qualifying into the final round and clinch the top prize.

Huge thanks to Redbull for sponsoring this event!

Great work to the teams that made it to Top 3!

1st: Team Weirdos


3rd: Fart Li

Feedback from the Participants:

Q: How was your overall experience with the games?

A: The event was quite a good event, it is an eye opener. Quite a niche event, not bad already

- Jun the amazing

A: Game can be longer, provide more ice, but overall is good, can play music

- Fart Li

A: Feel like it’s a great experience, give frisbee a lot exposure to people who are new to sports

- Sarara

Q: Would you recommend your friends to participate if there was an event similar to this next year?

A: Yes

- Team Weirdos

Some words from Yvonne, 2IC of ICS 2019/20…..

Q: How was the Ultimate Frisbee event overall

A: Compared to our first 2 events (i.e Captain’s Ball & ESports), Ultimate Frisbee was definitely smaller scale in terms of how niche this sport is. As this is also a first for ICS, it was definitely a good run thanks to everyone’s efforts to make sure every single detail was well thought out. I’m glad that the event went smoothly with minor hiccups and most importantly, seeing the participants enjoy themselves made it all worthwhile.

Q: Any words for your ICS team

A: Thank you guys for putting in your best efforts to ensure our events’ success!!! Please know that our events (past & future) will not be how it is if not for everyone’s effort. No matter which subcommittee you’re in & what role you’re given, every single one of you matter & are crucial to ICS. Without any one of you, ICS 2K19 would not be what it is!! We have a short work year so let’s all press on & work together for the remaining time we have left :’)

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