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January 9, 2020

January 8, 2020

January 8, 2020

January 8, 2020

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ICS Post-Event 2018

November 22, 2018

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Beach Bonanza 2019

January 9, 2020

Beach Bonanza 2019

What better way to end the year than a good event? Introducing Beach Bonanza 2019, the largest sporting event in SIM with over 800 participants! Held at Palawan Beach Sentosa, the event attracted various tertiary students from schools all over Singapore. 

This year’s rendition of Beach Bonanza consisted mainly of 4 competitive sports- Captain’s Ball, Touch Rugby, Volleyball and Frisbee. Not feeling the competitive spirit? Fret not! Away from all the competitive sports were mini carnival games for everyone to enjoy, along with a mini pop up photo-booth as well.

After the registration process, participants were split into different tents based on whatever sports they were participating in. The respective sports IC then gave a briefing on the various rules and safety hazards to be aware of. With the approval of the sports ICs, the games officially commenced!















Touch Rugby


Winner: Mantaizimo

1st Runner-up: Ice bear bear

2nd Runner-up: Starboyz


Touch rugby, a sport requiring fast reflexes and agile feet in order to excel. This year’s participants displayed tremendous grit, trying their best to keep the ball within their team’s possession. Despite the insane display of talent by the various teams, there can only be one winner. Congratulations to team Mantaizimo for securing the win in Touch Rugby!


Team Mantaizimo

Team Ice Bear Bear

Team Starboyz




Winner: Go black

1st Runner-up: Hit me lah!

2nd Runner-up: Team interracial


Look at the flick of the wrist! Relatively new to Beach Bonanza, frisbee is back, hotter than ever! Due to the forgiving nature of the terrain, participants can be seen sprinting and diving in order to retrieve the frisbee, covering themselves head to toe in sand. Unfazed by the sandy conditions and blistering heat of the sun, participants fought well and in the end, Team Go black clinched the victory for Frisbee. Congratulations to Team Go black!


Team Go Black

Team Hit me lah!

Team Interracial


Captain’s Ball


Winner: Team Pii Por

Runner up: Team Ho Wan

2nd runner up: Korkorteachyou 2.0

Captain’s Ball, a sport that is played by many back in their schooling days, or for the guys, even during national service as well. However, Captain’s Ball was different in Beach Bonanza. Due to the uneven surface and sandy conditions, participants found it difficult to maneuver around, even sliding and diving to retrieve the ball. Despite the unfamiliar terrain, Team Pii Por managed to secure the win for Captain’s Ball. Congratulations to Team Pii Por!


Team Pii Por


Team Ho Wan


Team Korkorteachyou 2.0




Winner: Team Stalker

Runner up: Seashell she sells shore

2nd runner up: Rubber Ducky


Last but not least, is beach volleyball, the most iconic sport to be played on beaches. With tall nets and even taller players, this year's participants showed insane skills! With fast spikes and tremendous defenses, it was obvious the participants of this sport were no amateurs and could truly hold their ground on the court. Congratulations to Team Stalker for clinching first place in volleyball!


Team Stalker


Team Seashell she sells shore



Team Rubber Ducky



Carnival Games


Beach Bonanza is not just about competitive sports, but also consisted of mini carnival games for many to enjoy. With games such as Can toss, Hungry Pig, Sharp Shooter and Coin Toss, participants can bond and work together as a team to complete the various objectives of each game. There was also a mini pop-up photo booth where participants can go afterwards to capture the fond memories made during Beach Bonanza 2019! 

With the many fun-filled activities planned for the day, and the tremendous display of sportsmanship by the participants, everyone emerged a winner one way or another!

Wooooo winner winner chicken dinner!!!!



Words from organizers


How was the planning and execution of Beach Bonanza?


Amanda, Beach 2IC:
“The timeline of what to be done was completed by the seniors before the work year begun. It stated the work to be done each week and my job as a 2IC was to ensure the timeline was going as planned. Programmes team had to choose the 4 sports, followed by completing the rules, fixtures and prepare the logistics for the respective sports. Marketing team had to prepare storyboards for the promo video, as well as design the posters and banners for our external and internal marketing. Sponsors team had to source for event sponsors and prepare the prizes to be won for lucky draw, carnival games and sports.

Through social media platforms, the event was promoted. Through social media various universities, polytechnics and ITEs were informed about the event. Posters were given out along with our instagram handle in order to update the public more about the event, the numbers of my OIC and I were also provided in case there were any questions. 

A day before the event, the entire committee went down to Palawan Beach to set up all the courts, tables and tents for the actual day itself. The committee was split into various roles (ie. sports ICs, court ICs etc.)”


What were the challenges faced when organizing and executing this event? 


Challenges faced when organizing the event:


1) As the internal marketing period clashed with other universities study breaks, it was tough to find anyone in school to promote our event. Furthermore, our event clashed with the exam periods of some universities, causing us to lose the opportunity to bring in more participants.


2) Some members who were not fully committed, which in turn caused other members needing to put in more work in order to complete what was required. 


Challenges faced when executing the event:

1) Lack of manpower. (Only one referee per court, no substitutes, meaning our poor referee had to stand there for all games until all matches were over)

2) Difficulty in getting everyone's attention through phone - as most of us are focused on our task at hand, sometimes getting the attention of someone busy is difficult.

3) Courts getting messed up due to long usage (The touch rugby's court lines broke because participants dived and the helpers had to hold the court lines in order for games to continue)


Do you consider this event a success? Why or why not.

Overall, I considered the event to be successful as most of the participants who participated enjoyed the event, and there were no serious casualties during the event. At the end of the day, everybody had fun and walked away with a wide variety of prizes with smiles on their faces!






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