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The SIM-UOL SRC Executive Committee is responsible for spearheading and driving the initiatives and projects of the SRC.
They are also responsible for liasing with SIM's Student Development Department and pushing for
collaborations with internal and external organisations.
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The Singapore Institute of Management – University of London Student Representative Council (SIM-UOL SRC) is a student-run organisation that constantly strives to meet the needs of the student population in university-related matters - particularly, the non-academic needs of the student body. 


Interested students from SIM-UOL willing to volunteer their time are specially selected to join the council, where they help to address the needs of  SIM-UOL’s  large student population. The council is spearheaded by SIM-UOL SRC’s 14th Executive Committee (EXCO).  SRC works very closely with the SIM Global Education Student Development (SDEV) to ensure these initiatives run smoothly and effectively. 


The council focuses on organizing enjoyable, leisurely events for the students. They also help to safeguard the welfare and interests of the students in SIM by carrying out initiatives such as welfare packs, helping to source sponsorships for special student discounts, amongst many other things. 


While many of our projects are for the purpose of fun and enjoyment, SRC members also organise meaningful events to give back to society and contribute to the welfare of others outside of school.

About Us

“ One Heart, One Mind, One SRC ”


  • We aim to be the voice of the student population and move towards the goal of becoming an autonomous entity



  • SIM-UOL SRC is a student–based body in SIM. We seek to address campus-related issues through effective student representation. We also strive to promote a vibrant and holistic campus experience.



  • Service and nurture (Muneris Alumno)

  • Respect for the individual

  • Commitment and camaraderie

– 2013 SRC CAMP OG3